Other recent success stories The Harbour

A Safe Ensuite low profile basin.

while the emphasis it puts on innovation is clear.

“Recently the company has introduced a remote hand-held programmer, which helps our Maintenance Department to efficiently adjust settings to outlets without having to gain access through maintenance hatches and cupboards. Real-time data can then be uploaded to our systems for more accurate monitoring of water systems.

“Dart Valley Systems has always been conscious of the work packages our Trust must deliver, and the continued one-to-one contact we have had with the company has been beneficial to both parties. As a Trust I would say the products and services we have purchased from DVS have more than satisfied our requirements, both in terms of product quality and low maintenance.”

DVS has completed many successful mental healthcare installations projects that have met, and indeed often exceeded, our clients’ high expectations. The Harbour, for instance, is a state-of-the-art, £40 m, 154-bed mental health hospital located on the Fylde Coast in Blackpool, designed by Gilling Dod Architects. It provides care and treatment for adults with a range of mental health problems, dementia, and mobility issues. For such a ‘high-end’ project, Lancashire Care NHS Trust specified a high level of construction, and installation of the highest quality products. DVS was chosen to install a large number of Safe Ensuite Sanitaryware, High Security shower, and water-saving products. Given the nature of the facility, DVS products were largely chosen for their safety, strength, and reliability. Significant water-saving benefits and hygienic no-touch operation were also required. Products installed included Safe Ensuite WC pans and integrated basins, washroom and bath control systems, anti-vandal sensors, high security showerheads, standard cisterns, and thermostatic mixing valves.

Clock View Hospital, Liverpool

Clock View Hospital, situated in Walton, Liverpool, replaces the old Walton Hospital which once stood in its place. The multi-million pound site provides the city’s new psychiatric intensive care unit for urgent inpatient care, and treats local people for a range of mental health issues. It has 80 individual bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms, across five wards. Designed to improve the patient experience, the building provides a therapeutic environment combined with patient-centred care to improve recovery and wellbeing and reduce lengths of stay. Light, airy spaces, communal activity areas, and safe inner courtyard gardens, help to aid recovery. DVS Safe Ensuite sanitaryware, WC flushing, no-touch sensors, control systems, and more, were chosen for installation. These products incorporate strong, safe, reliable, and water-efficient design features that are well suited to mental health environments. Products installed include our Safe Ensuite WC pans, all-in-one moulded mirrors and basins with backplates, washroom control systems, anti-vandal ‘wave-on’ sensors, standard concealed cisterns, thermostatic mixing valves, and solenoid valves. After a build time of 22 months, Clock View Hospital opened its doors in February 2015, and has since won a number of awards.



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