‘Unique’ wash station for complex environments

Trovex’s Hygipod Anti-ligature is described by the specialist in ‘practical, attractive and innovative finishes for education, leisure, and healthcare projects’ as ‘a unique IPS wash station for complex environments where anti-ligature and self-harm prevention are essential’. The company said: “The design is ligature-free at the access hatch, which is set flush with the face of the pod. The clearance around the door is less than 0.7 mm, while the resistance to impact is maximised, as the unit is reinforced with a concealed interlocking steel framework.” For added security, locks are ‘keyed alike’, instead of featuring a square recess. Working with end – clients and contractors, Trovex designs and manufactures to suit client requirements. In some cases, the Hygipod system is fully recessed and welded in with hygienic wall cladding to create an aesthetically pleasing, flush finish throughout the room. Trovex added:

‘Engagement crucial’ to good buildings

“Hygipod Anti-ligature has been extensively tested, based on the Department of Health’s Environmental Design specification for medium secure services, ensuring service-users experience the highest safety, privacy, and hygiene.”

Access control perfected

The CDVI Group – ‘a global manufacturer of leading-edge security solutions’ – offers products ranging from online access control and locking systems to door automation components. Its range of access control and locking solutions includes ‘an innovative range’ of magnetic architectural handles. CDVI said: “Pull handles are increasingly popular with sites where a stronger lock and sleek finish are essential, such as hospitals and mental healthcare units. The handles can be fitted to new or existing doors, and used externally. They can be powder coated to a specific RAL colour to blend with the surrounding door frame.”

CDVI also offers a full range of access control solutions to complement locking and door installations. Its ‘cost-effective’ Atrium Online Access Control system (the photo shows Atrium software

P+HS Architects believes the annual DiMH event is a ‘key opportunity to talk to a wide range of people who all share a passion to improve mental healthcare’, and that ‘engagement is crucial to successful buildings’. The practice said: “P+HS is always seeking ways to make engagement more meaningful. Over recent years we’ve been using VR (Virtual Reality); this year it’s all about AR (Augmented Reality). AR allows computer- generated components to be placed in real-world surroundings. We’re developing AR applications for users to download, giving them opportunity to explore their designs through a tablet or mobile device. Walk through a portal door to experience individual room layouts, or place your building on site to see it interacting with the surrounding landscape. AR is a new, exciting method of communicating design with our users.

“Visit us on Stand 119 to learn about what else we’ve been up to recently – Cath Lake’s involvement in DiMHN’s Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit, why estates teams and contractors increasingly value our technical know- how, or the new inpatient unit under development in York. We’d love to see you.”

running on a computer next to an Atrium controller) controls up to 500 doors and 64 floors. Its ‘lockdown, evacuation, and invacuation’ feature helps address emergency situations by allowing areas of the building to be locked or left open until safety checks are completed. CDVI added: “Thanks to its free, easy- to-use app and software, Atrium provides a fast, stable method for controlling access through one or multiple sites.”

Furniture items based on research

Among items to be shown by Renray Healthcare, designed very much with the needs of the mental health sector – including secure units – in mind, will be products from the company’s Mental Health furniture range.

Products shown will range from the Jetbed, designed to combat cleaning and security issues associated with box beds, to the 25 mm Denver bedroom range – offering robustness, security, and safety, with its anti-ligature grooved shelves, piano hinges, and security screws. Renray said: “Our Mental Health furniture range has


been created after extensive research among healthcare providers, and with patients in mind. We have worked to create safe, robust, and attractive furniture which can form part of a therapeutic environment for those in a challenging environment.”

Alongside a special range of furniture for mental healthcare solutions, Renray offers an interior soft furnishings package which includes carpets and curtains, and a project management service inclusive of interior design advice, product specification, product design, and full installation.


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