Medical trays supplied for UK vaccination programme

WARWICK SASCO is supplying 40,000 medical trays to the NHS for use in the vaccination programme against Coronavirus. The firm’s tray was used during the historic moment that 90-year-old Margaret Keenan received the first vaccination in the UK at University Hospital Coventry and Warwick- shire. Warwick SASCo produces a range of products for use in the medical sector from kidney dishes and gallipots through to instru- ment trays and instrument protection and transportation units. The company’s products also include bed pans and urinal bottles, all of which are made by suppliers in the UK, particularly in the West Midlands. It’s not the first time the firm has been part of the fight against COVID-19 having answered a call to supply the Nightingale Hospitals at the start of the crisis. Now its trays are being sent to a distribution hub in Coventry and, from

Investment in pre-fillable syringes

there, will go to vaccination points all over the country.

Managing director, Darby Booth, said: “It was a wonderful moment for everyone to see the first vaccination against COVID-19 being administered here in the UK after such a difficult period. And, of course, it was a very proud moment for us, as a business, to see one of our products being beamed all over the world as it was used in that very first vaccination. We are very pleased to be playing our part.”

Effective disinfectants to tackle COVID-19

PDI is following all developments surround- ing the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019- nCoV). Coronaviruses (CoVs) are enveloped viruses, which means they are held within a lipid envelope. Despite the serious nature of the disease some of these enveloped viruses

can cause, they are easily compromised by most disinfectants. PDI offers several surface disinfectant products with proven efficacy to European Norm EN 14476 for enveloped viruses. The following products are effective against Coronavirus: Sani-Cloth Chlor, Sani-Cloth AF Universal, Super Sani-Cloth Plus, Sani-Cloth 70 and Sani-Cloth Active. It is important to ensure the surface remains wet for the required contact time to allow the disinfectant to work. PDI Sani-Cloth Chlor has been tested to Human Coronavirus EPA to a contact time of one minute. PDI Sani-Cloth AF Universal, Sani-Cloth 70 and Super Sani-Cloth Plus are effective against enveloped viruses in just 30 seconds of contact time or less. PDI Sani- Cloth Active is effective against enveloped viruses tested to DVV/RKI in just 30 seconds.

Pre-packed surgical retractor kits

JUNE MEDICAL has launched a new range of pre-packed retractor kits especially for male procedures. The Galaxy II Male kit is set to advance male procedures by dramatically improving visualisation during surgery. The easy-to-use kit is suitable for a wide range of procedures requiring optimal control over the surgical site, such as scrotal and associated surgeries, as well as prosthetic testicle implantations. The kit features a number of different accessories and a novel hammock elevation strap to manoeuvre the

male anatomy, allowing the penis to be held securely without requiring hooks through the skin, improving patient comfort. The retractor’s cam locks allow simple single- handed adjustment for rapid re-positioning, while the slots on the retractor ring easily secure the stays in place. Together with a range of stay hooks designed to enable high tension without the risk of tissue tearing, this system provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for a wide range of surgical procedures.


BD has announced plans to invest approximately $1.2 billion over a four- year period to expand and upgrade manufacturing capacity and technology for pre-fillable syringes (PFS) and advanced drug delivery systems (ADDS) across its six global manufacturing locations and add a new manufacturing facility in Europe. The investment will also fund capacity expansion, new product innovations and manufacturing technology enhancements across its existing network, all designed to maximise supply and reduce risks for pharmaceutical companies that rely on ready-to-fill syringes for their injectable drugs – including complex biologics, vaccines and small molecules. This investment positions BD to have the needed surge capacity for increased pre-fillable syringe demand during times of pandemic response.

Faecal calprotectin testing solution

Faecal calprotectin testing is helping to improve patient care and save money for the NHS by preventing the need for unnecessary endoscopy procedures for many patients. Through a convenient, simple point-of-care or laboratory test, it helps to screen out people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). ALPHA LABORATORIES has worked in

partnership with clinics and laboratories over many years to champion calprotectin testing. The extensive range of standardised assays from BÜHLMANN, provides solutions for improved patient care and management in both screening and monitoring applications. Across the full range of assays the quantitative results are standardised and scalable from near patient testing to automated laboratory applications. The Calex enables quick, easy and consistent sample extraction improving workflow within the laboratory with direct loading onto analysers. For known IBD patients, IBDoc provides the privacy and convenience to help manage their condition from home and reduce hospital appointments.


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