NEWS Techniplas buys Nanogate core

US-based plastic compo- nents giant Techniplas Group has signed an agreement to acquire the holding com- pany and other “major parts” of Germany’s Nanogate, which has been in self-ad- ministration since June 2020. The price is said to be in the “mid-double-digit million range”, all of which will be paid to creditors. Nanogate produces multi-functional compo- nents and surfaces primarily for automotive and general industrial applications. The finishing technologies it offers include radar-trans- parency, translucency, anti-corrosion, scratch-

finishing capabilities.” Techniplas is acquiring


Above: Nanogate is a specialist in finishing technologies for injection moulded parts

proof, non-stick and easy-clean properties. Techniplas CEO Ali El-Haj

said: “The addition of Nanogate’s unique and proprietary finishing

capabilities will strategically complement Techniplas’ core expertise in injection moulding to create one of a few companies of scale with a full suite of moulding and

much of the insolvent subsidiaries Nanogate Management Services, Nanogate NRW, Nanogate PD Systems and Nanogate Neunkirchen, plus the solvent Nanogate North America, Nanogate HET Engineering, Nanogate Netherlands, Nanogate Schwäbisch Gmünd and Nanogate Slovakia. Nanogate Textile & Care

Systems and Nanogate Electronic Systems were not part of the Tecniplas acquisition and were sold in a management buy-out deal. �

Husky’s new colour change feature

Husky Injection Molding Systems is working with Chem-Trend on a system to create repeatability during the critical colour change process. The system is based on the process for using Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge compounds, which is itself designed specifically to reduce colour-change

New plant in Mexico

Toyoda Gosei has established a new plant at its Tapex Mexicana site in Monterrey, Mexico producing automotive airbags on behalf of multiple Japanese OEMs. Overall, the company plans to increase total airbag capacity about 1.6-fold, to 100 million units by 2023. �


time and carbon formation in hot runner systems. It is integrated as a guided procedure within the Husky Altanium mould controller operator interface. The two companies said that they

“aim to significantly enhance their customers’ operational margins by

increasing equipment and labour uptime.” In trials, up to 85% reduction in scrap and 80% increase in mould cleaning efficiency have been achieved when following the recommended process. � www.husky.ca

Aptar develops mono-material pump

Aptar has launched Future, its first fully recyclable mono-material pump for packaging in the beauty and personal care industries. This is made using PE only, aligning it with the com- monest materials in use in the bottles and thus making the full package more readily recyclable, the company said. Key features of the pump include an incorporated on/

off locking system and a 360° actuator. This makes it compliant with ISTA 6-Amazon protocol, subject to final tests by a brand’s bottle choice. The Future pump is certified by Cyclos-HTP, the institute for

recyclability and product responsibility, and marked as ‘A’ by RecyClass, which works to establish a harmonised recycling ap- proach and traceability in Europe. It is also available using post-con- sumer recycled plastics, and Aptar has obtained International Sustainability & Carbon Certification for its European production. �



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