PlasticsEurope: Covid-19 impacted 2020 demand

First estimates by Plastics- Europe suggest that production and demand for plastics were stable globally but fell in Europe in 2020, which, the trade body said, was a “particularly challeng- ing and atypical year”. This was a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Worldwide, plastics

production reached about 367m tonnes, 0.3% down on the 2019 total, according to PlasticsEurope. China’s share of global output increased from 31% to 32%, in line with the growth of its customer industries, while North America’s share remained stable at around 19%. Europe’s production,

however, fell by more than 5% from around 58m tonnes in 2019 to 55m tonnes, taking its share of global production down from 16% to 15%. Similarly, demand from European plastic

US training recognised

The US ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) has extended its ANSI/ASTM E2569-18 accreditation to include all three of the American Injection Molding Institute’s Molding Series training programs. The institute is a subsidiary of injection moulding training and consultancy company Beaumont. �

4 IMAGE: LITTLE YOU Above: Little You figures 3D printed by Rize using Rizium composite materials Partners 3D print little characters

Rize, a Massachusetts-based specialist in industrial 3D printing, has joined forces with Little You, a personalised toy design platform in Toronto, to enable full-colour, functional 3D anime toys to be made using Rize’s Rizium composite materials. The two said that the materials make more durable toys, which were only available in

relatively fragile 3D colour sandstone until now. In addition, Little You will be able to scale its operations up more efficiently. �

INJECTION WORLD | June 2021 Shutdowns in car production hit European plastics demand

converters was about 5% lower at 48m tonnes, the lowest figure since 2014. The decrease in Europe, PlasticsEurope said, “was strongly driven by a decline in production in two main application sectors”. Packaging demand fell by about 500,000 tonnes (a 2.5% fall), mainly due to the knock-on effect of falling production of industrial and commercial goods hitting demand for commercial and

industrial packaging. European automotive plastic demand, meanwhile, was badly hit by multiple production shutdowns in the first half of 2020 that a recovery in the second half could not make up for. Overall vehicle production numbers were around 23% down in 2020. First esti- mates of plastic demand in construction suggest that it remained stable in 2020. �

Fanuc medical order

UK-based medical device manufacturer Bodding- tons has revealed that it received four Fanuc injection moulding machines during Febru- ary, which are now fully commissioned in its Class 7 cleanroom. A fifth is due to arrive in June. The order was made to meet demand from a new pharmaceutical OEM client, as demand from this sector has grown strongly during the Covid-19 pandemic. It involves a combination of tool transfer and new tool- ing, the firm said. Most of the moulding work will be to produce components for pharmaceutical devices that are used in the testing of bacterio- logical, viral and cell cultures. �


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