US-based plastic packag- ing firm Berry Global has announced plans to invest further into ‘circular polyolefins’ by sourcing PP from Borealis that has been made through chemical recycling. This will be used in food packaging at one of the company’s European manufacturing facilities from Q3. Berry already has access to about 275,000 tpa of post-consumer recycled content and had announced plans to source a further 135,000 of chemically recycled material in April.

Plastic closures giant Bericap has expanded its portfolio to include aluminium closures by acquiring the German, family-owned firm Mala Verschluss-Systeme. The company said that this will give it the opportunity to open up new market segments and to develop innovative closure tech- nologies combining plastic and aluminium. Mala employs 200 at two sites in Germany.

Conair’s new platform for common controls

US machinery supplier Conair is implementing a common control platform for all its auxiliary equip- ment to deliver a consistent user experience. Sam Rajkovich, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, said the common platform “will give a leg up to processors”. Unveiling the initiative at an online media event in May, Conair executives said the new platform and HMI have already been imple- mented in the company’s new SmartFLX material handling control, truck-fill line-proofing system, blenders and temperature- control units. It is scheduled to be released on dryers in the third quarter – chillers and other equipment will follow later. Other systems, such as Wave Conveying and Conair’s new RFID- proofed resin-selection system are controlled through the SmartFLX Platform. The development took

two years to complete, said Matt Shope, Director of

Dryer example of Conair’s new unified interface

Engineering. Conair wanted a common control platform to reduce training time for its customers, he said, and it worked with a design firm on the HMI. The controls are compat- ible with SmartServices, Conair’s cloud-based Industry 4.0 solution for machine monitoring and data collection. The Ma- chine Control portion of SmartServices mirrors the same control screen that an on-the-floor operator would see, said the company. The latest version of

SmartServices gives users expanded naming, group-

ing, and sub-grouping features, an increase from three to ten customisable KPIs for each machine type, and new resin usage features.

Other new products discussed at Conair’ online event included: AutoWave, a new automated feature of its multi-phase, variable- speed Wave Conveying system for materials handling; new temperature control units in its TW Series; and PipeMaster downstream processing equipment and tooling for pipe extruders. �

Thin-wall packaging application centre opens

SABIC and KraussMaffei HighPer- formance have officially opened their Thin-Wall Packaging Application Centre at the site of KraussMaffei’s Netstal subsidiary in Näfels, Switzer- land. The stated aim is to facilitate “innovative application, material and processing solutions in the thin-wall packaging industry through closer collaboration across the segment’s entire value chain”.

10 INJECTION WORLD | June 2021 SABIC added that it will use the

centre in collaboration with others to develop added-value materials in terms of enhanced mechanical performance, more efficient process- ability and greater sustainability value. The learnings will also be used to further improve the Netstal injection moulding portfolio for packaging applications.

Additional capabilities there include

in-mould labelling and part handling capabilities, advanced tooling and test- ing equipment. The first new systems installed by SABIC will include mould- ing equipment designed to investigate injection compression moulding options and test the mechanical properties of thin-wall packaging applications. � �


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