share a new formulation and test comparison for classification of PVC cable under CPR. Flame retardant cable applications and FR

standardisation are next on the agenda. Dr Günter Beyer, Consultant Fire & Polymer based in Bel- gium, will talk about use of silicones for security cables and will share the latest on nanocomposites as a universal HFFR-LS system. Then Pascal Amigouet, from Polyone Corporation in Belgium, will explain the challenges and possible routes to improve hydrolytic stability of flame retardant solutions for cable applications. The use of natural magnesium hydroxide flame retardants in power and automotive cables will be explored by Alex- ender Kulichenko, Project Manager at Europiren in the Netherlands. And Robert Bellassai, RCDD at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the US, will provide a third-party laboratory perspective on the confusion in the cable industry over halogen-free (HF) and low smoke halogen-free (LSHF) product claims.

Production technologies Day two of the conference will be opened by Robert Hollosi, Process Engineer at Buss in Switzerland, who will explain the company’s latest machine concept for flexibility in cable compound- ing applications. Maria Hoelzel, Senior Process Engineer at Coperion in Germany, will speak about a new technology to produce more uniform pellets without fines. Then Andreas Holt, European-agent for Advanced Blending Solutions of the US, will detail design parameters for high precision gravimetric blending equipment for power cable extrusion applications. Hohammad Mohensi, Technical Consultant at

Plexchem Technologies of Singapore, will turn the focus to efficiency and sustainability with a demon- stration of the company’s model-driven approach to developing efficient cable designs. Johannes Hueffmeier, Senior Project Manager at the RISE Research Institute in Sweden, will explain a new

Understand the cable industry

New for Cables 2019 is the ‘Journey in to the World of Cables’ training seminar, which takes place on the afternoon before the main conference and presents an opportunity for newcomers to the cable industry to get up to speed with its complexities. Presented by Gerd Allermann, Managing Director of GA

Consulting and an expert on cable industry matters, the training seminar is intended to give new joiners at material suppliers, compounders, distributors and machinery makers an understand- ing of cable constructions, manufacturing, technologies and applications. It will also cover the key standards and codings used across the European industry. To find out more or to register, visit the conference website or contact Conference Organiser Heidi Lesiw. Tel: +44 (0)117 314 8111; Email:

method for accelerated fatigue testing and reliability prediction of power cables. Then Erica Lo Buglio from PVC 4 Cables in Italy, will detail some of the sustainability moves made by the PVC cable industry in terms of safer formulations and effective end-of-life management (recycling). The final session of Cables 2019 examines the

role of polymer additives. Christian Gustin, Technical Director Europe at C-Tech Corporation in Belgium, and Estelle Cognet, Senior Industry Manager Europe at PolyOne in Belgium, will speak about aversive biocide products for protection of cables against rat and termite attack and will explain the latest obligations for formulators under the biocide product regulation (BPR). Hans Juergen Eichler, Manager Technical Services at BYK-Che- mie in Germany, will discuss new FR-synergists for HFFR cable compounds. And Christoph Siara, Sales and Marketing Director at OCSiAl Europe in Luxembourg, will detail the use of single wall carbon (graphene) nanotubes in cable applications.

Cables 2019 — 19 years and counting Now in its 19th

The international conference and exhibition for polymeric materials in wire and cable

5-7 March 2019 Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany year, AMI’s Cables conference is established as the learning and networking location for

the European cable industry and typically attracts more than 200 industry professionals. The 2019 event takes place in Dusseldorf in Germany from 5-7 March 2019 and will bring together


Save €200 when you register before 14th December 2018

Also sponsored by: Headline Sponsor Media supporters: Bringing the plastics industry together. @Contact_AMI #AMICables

expert speakers to discuss the latest market trends, testing procedures, regulatory requirements, cable manufacturing processes and end-use applications. Formal conference sessions are supplemented by informal networking breaks, a table-top exhibition and optional conference dinner. Cables 2019 will attract attendees from across the cable industry, including cable producers,

specifiers, consultants, and material and equipment suppliers. To join them, visit the conference website or contact Conference Organiser Heidi Lesiw. Tel: +44 (0)117 314 8111; Email: January 2019 | COMPOUNDING WORLD 63

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