Performance matters The conference will then move on to focus on achieving maximum performance with LFTs. Dr Jacob Anderson, Project R&D Engineer at Nippon Electric Glass in the US, will provide an insight into the development and optimisation of hybridised glass/carbon composites to balance cost and performance. This hybrid approach will be further considered by Philip Chu, Lead Chemist at Zoltek, who will discuss production of carbon and glass fibre hybrid composites. Then Tim Vorage, Global Market Development Manager at DSM in the Netherlands, will look at opportunities for LFTs based on the high performance PA4T resin. The remainder of the first day takes a more

interactive approach, kicking off with an hour-long panel discussion exploring future trends and requirements in LFTs. This will provide an opportu- nity to share insight across the supply chain. Panel participants include Maurizio Longhi, Materials Technology Principal Engineer Resins GSME at Whirlpool in the US, and Sachin Jain, Managing Director at SKYiCOMPOSITES in India. The panel session will be followed by a series of

roundtable discussions running over an hour and designed to give attendees the opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm.

Realising potential The second day of the conference will be opened by Dr Eric Martin, Global LFT Manager at Solvay Specialty Polymers in Belgium, who will detail some new performance standards achieved with LFTs. He will be followed by Michael J Balow, Senior Adviser at Asahi Kasei Plastics in the US, who will discuss hybrid approaches for long fibre applications in PP. Then Karl Schnetzinger, CEO of Advance Polymer Compounds in Austria, will explain development of a polyamide blend matrix for D-LFT products. And

Expert speakers sharing their insight at Long-Fiber Thermoplastics USA 2019 include, from left, Celanese Global Automotive Sales Director Dr Jeffrey Helms, Kingfa Automotive Engineering Plastics Product Line Manager Dr Zhang Chao, and University of Michigan-Dearborn Professor Dr P K Mallick

Daniel Berg, Global End Use Manager Transporta- tion at BYK Inc in the US, will explore the optimisa- tion of coupling agents for LFTs. Processing technology is the focus for the final session of Long-Fiber Thermoplastics. Compres- sion press development and technology will be covered by James Geisendorfer, Technical Sales and Business Development Manager at Dieffen- bacher in the US. Robert Roden, Associate Vice President at Steer in the US, will follow with an update on direct compounding of LFTs. Srikar Vallury, Engineering Manager at Mold-

ex3D in the US, will share insight into the latest moulding simulation and mechanical performance prediction tools available for LFTs parts. Then Willen Sundblad, Founder and CEO of Oden Technologies in the US, will explore how intelli- gent industrial automation and captured process data can be used to solve quality, downtime and production problems. And the conference will be brought to a close by Dr Juergen Giesow, Director of Technology and Engineering at Arburg in the US, who will look into the latest technologies available to processors using the latest injection moulding technology.

Long-Fiber Thermoplastics USA 2019 Long-Fiber

Thermoplastics Detroit / 2019

Capitalizing on advances in LFT materials, processing technologies and applications

March 5-6, 2019 The Dearborn Inn, A Marriott Hotel, Dearborn, Michigan, USA


Save $200 when you register before January 11 2019

Media supporters: Bringing the plastics industry together. @Contact_AMI #AMI_Polyamides @Contact_AMI #AMILFTSUS

Taking place in Dearborn, MI, US, on 5-6 March, Long-Fiber Thermoplastics 2019 is AMI’s first North American conference to focus on LFT technologies and applications. A line up of leading interna- tional experts will examine the latest developments in the materials, production techniques and end-use applications that are driving growth in the LFT composites market. Long-Fiber Thermoplastics 2019 will bring together existing and potential end-users and processors of LFTs with key players in the supply chain to learn more about the utilisation, formulation and processing of these versatile, high performance and light weight polymer compounds. In addition to two days of formal presentations, the conference will provide extensive networking

opportunities during the informal refreshment and lunch breaks and first day cocktail reception. The event also includes a table-top exhibition. For further information visit the conference website or contact Senior Conference Coordinator Stephanie Hume. Tel: +1 610 478 0800; Email: January 2019 | COMPOUNDING WORLD 33

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