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6 Interview with Hans Huis in t Veld, Chairman of Topsector Water & Maritime “We need organisations like MARIN to continue to innovate”.

8 Better Ships, Blue Oceans! MARIN’s new Strategy and Technology Plan.

11 Zero-emission shipping meets high-level sports MARIN assists team AkzoNobel with their Volvo Ocean Race challenge.

14 MARIN makes practical contribution to the development of Autonomous Sailing Practical steps to assist in Autonomous Sailing.

16 A new concept is born: Comfort Draft for semi-submersible yachts A new dimension in hull form optimisation.

17 Tocardo reaches for the moon Major step forward in energy extraction from the perpetual motion of the moon.

18 MARIN tests first floating mega island An innovative concept for a floating mega island, comprising 87 floating triangles.

19 Innovative breeze powering floating wind farms Study aims to optimise the mooring systems of floating wind farms.

20 Office tool aNySIM integrated into real-time onboard software Mooring simulation software aNySIM is being integrated into an onboard fatigue tool for the integrity management of mooring lines.

22 Introducing the new Seven Oceans Simulator Centre Real-time simulator exercises are crucial to improve safety and efficiency.

24 Putting a new spin on propeller design Achieving the best possible compromise between propulsive efficiency

and cavitation nuisance.

26 The Blue Forum Smart and sustainable use of the environment at sea for future generations.

27 MARINinside Your interface with MARIN hydrodynamics.

Bas Buchner President

Dear Reader,

It happened this summer on the large carriage of MARIN’s Offshore Basin. Below a storm was raging. Beaufort 12 wind and waves were crashing against a floating mega island in the North Sea, consisting of 87 connected triangles. All at scale 1:250.

I looked around. An animated group of people from the Dutch maritime sector, including representatives from an oil major, shipping company, bank, offshore contractor, engineering company, cruise line, shipyard and the government, were all enthusiastically discussing the possibilities for this floating island. Could it be suitable for a floating port, work island, city, a farm?

And I thought: this is our new MARIN strategy in practice! This makes our mission concrete: “MARIN wants to make maritime structures cleaner, smarter and safer and to contribute to the sustainable use of the seas. (…) Based on our independent position, we want to stimulate cooperation and innovation in the maritime sector.”

In this Report we share our new MARIN strategy with you, because the next few years are essential for the future of the maritime sector and MARIN. On one hand there is a recession due to the low oil prices and transportation rates, and on the other hand there is the challenge of clean (zero emission) transport over water. Sustainable use of the seas as a source of energy, food and raw material requires maritime knowledge and innovation. Floating mega islands may provide solutions as sea levels rise and cities become overpopulated. Increased computer power and a large amount of operational data provide opportunities for simulation and digitalisation.

In many ways we see a transition and MARIN wants to be leading as we undergo these transitions. That is why our new motto is: ‘Better Ships, Blue Oceans!’ They start 51° 58’16.1” N and 5° 39’ 16.7” E!



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