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The Blue Forum Smart and sustainable

Already back in 2002 we decided to increase our knowledge and support for sustainable solutions in the maritime sector, with a focus on renewable energy. A decade later MARIN initiated the first ‘Natural Propulsion’ Seminar concerning the use of natural resources for sea transportation. In 2016, this seminar officially became the Blue Forum. Our involvement in the Global Shipping’s Action Plan, organised in Bonn during the COP23, reinforces our motivation to support the transition that the maritime industry must undertake.

Four themes have been developed: • Natural Propulsion: use of environmental forces for transport & shipping

• Natural Solutions: nature-inspired engineering, also called biomimetic

• Ocean Energy: renewable offshore wind, tidal, waves, biomass energy production

• Life at Sea: sustainable ocean life products and use of ocean space

The Blue Forum meets during the BlueWeek events. At least one large event per year covers all four themes. In 2018, the BlueWeek will be hosted by STC in Rotterdam, May 28- 30. Program and call for contributions will be available on Other more focused BlueWeeks are also held such as the one organised this year in Rostock, Germany,

use of the environment at sea

Making ships and offshore structures smarter and safer has been our motto for many years, and we recognise that keeping our oceans alive, clean and blue is our responsibility for the generations to come.

with the support of GICON, and the upcoming event in Shanghai in October 2018.

The aim is to gather the maritime industry, universities, research institutes and governmental bodies in order to share the latest knowledge and technological developments. Meetings about ongoing projects take place and proposals for new Joint Industry Projects are launched.

Research and innovation programmes to develop sustainable energy sources are very young compared to the decennia of efforts that have been put into other sectors. The levels of investments are also so far a percentile of what is needed, but the wind direction is changing and effective steps in the necessary transition are needed.

Hopefully our new generation of researchers will create smart methods to capture the forces of nature, transform them efficiently into electricity, invent storage mechanisms, create sustainable power to move our ships, and develop areas to live on the ocean in a sustainable way.

The Blue Forum aims to help the maritime industry turn those wishes into reality as soon possible. Let’s make our oceans great again together!

Guilhem Gaillarde

26 report

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