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An online article in December 2019 profiled a webinar that was hosted by the Florida Conservation Voters Education Fund on electric and alternative fueled buses, as well as the infrastructure that is currently available. Read the article at

Great article. We are hopeful that my employer (a university in the southeast U.S.) will trade-in [its] cooking-oil/diesel buses for EVs soon! Technically speaking, there is no “Level 3” EV charging. Levels 1 and 2 are AC (alternating current) charging. DC (direct current) charging is the next “Level,” although the engineers who designed the protocols reserved Level 3 for another higher power AC charging level. DC charging has never been labeled with a “Level” title, other than to be referred to as “DCFC” (DC Fast Charging). Robert E. Karaffa, II Electric vehicle driver since 2012 EV Club of the South

At the end of last year, two Maryland children were involved in separate school bus-related incidents. One was hit and killed by a school bus after exiting the vehicle. Then, another student was hit by an illegally passing vehicle while attempting to board his bus. Read the full article at

Please talk with your children on how to be safe pedestrians and why it is so important to behave on board the bus, so as not to distract the bus driver. If you’re driving a vehicle, please be a defensive driver. Expect the worst ahead and have a plan to avoid collisions. Calvert County (Maryland) Schools Department of Transportation Twitter/@CalvertSchBus

With the start of a new decade, STN is reflecting on some of the highlights over the past 10 years. What is the biggest change you’ve seen over this past decade in terms of pupil transportation?

There have been a lot of retirements, which means a lot of history has left. Facebook/Charley Kennington Retired Transportation Professional

Totally agree. I was recently talking with someone about this. Hate to see it, but then again, we have some very talented people coming into the industry. Facebook/Sue Moore-Weaver

We asked fleet managers why they use maintenance software. See more on this topic starting on page 46.

We’re too large to go without. We track maintenance costs and intervals, history of each unit, etc. ... You can’t run an effective program without tracking these things. Eric Slover, Fleet Supervisor Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools in Missouri

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