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“It’s a great joy … to help them understand that they, too, can have art … and enjoy it everyday in their life.”


ike Groscost, senior art consultant at Exclusive Collections Galleries at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, finds his work gratifying because he enjoys building an important relationship with each customer.

“We’re here to help you find art that is going to enhance your

life,” Groscost said. “It’s a great joy … to help them understand that they, too, can have art … and enjoy it everyday in their life.”

Groscost, who has worked at the Las Vegas location for over

three years, has taken a long and winding journey throughout his career. During his younger years he worked as an art aide and took a few art classes. Then he had a 15-year career in retail sales. He used to work in party goods, did training and hiring. Later, Groscost returned to school and earned an AAS in special needs training.

“I did work with special needs kids and taught them art,” he

said. “Art can help people work through stress in their lives.” Then, he decided to change careers and began work in art galleries, a career that has lasted another 15 years. “I was in that


“I tell people about the art pieces and they become attached to that work,” he said. “I want to be a conduit that helps them find that.”


Today, Groscost produces personal artwork in his mosaic and stained glass creations. He enjoys his current art career because he is able to utilize both his appreciation for art and his sales background together. Groscost considers himself an emotional salesman who helps customers travel with him through the art as he explains each piece.

point of my life where I wanted a change,” he said. He has been a gallery director as well as an art consultant. Besides art consulting at the Las Vegas gallery, he is also responsible for updating the social media pages for Exclusive Collections Galleries.

In addition, he was deeply involved with the recent colorful holiday catalog which highlighted art creations as gift ideas and appeared on the home page of the Exclusive Collections website. He also organizes at least one showing at the Las Vegas gallery each month.


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