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Meet Steve & Corliss ARGO

A certain movie can remind us of our best friend, or maybe a song brings us back to that Yosemite trip we took with our father. For Steve and Corliss Vargo, it is visual art that ties their memory to past experiences, like their travels to Italy.

Steve and Corliss Vargo have become part of the Exclusive Collections Galleries family, as they have recently become art collectors. “We are relatively new to collecting,” Mr.

Vargo said, “We’ve collected enough now, I think, for this to be kind of our retreat. For us, it’s a reminder of where we have been, what we have done, and places we’ve seen.” From their collection of Gloria Lee’s floral


complexity, to Oryan’s cosmic abstraction, Steve and Corliss have turned their home into a private art gallery oasis. Whether it be their 3 feet by 5 feet painting of Sor- rento, Italy, or their beautiful commission piece by Oryan, they gravitate towards art pieces that ignite past experiences and daz- zle the eyes.

The talented artists represented by EC Galleries make their craft look easy. Al-

though, Steve and Corliss both realize, first hand, the hard work that goes into a paint- ing. They have the utmost respect for the artists that decorate their home. Steve mod- estly explains his artist expertise: “I have absolutely no talent when it comes to art, or painting. We’ve done ce- ramics. We’ve tried drawing and painting,” he paused to laugh, “I think you have some of that inside of you already.”



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