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Adhesive-free floors give you a whole range of benefits, from reduced downtime to 100% recyclability.

Altro XpressLay safety floor and Altro Cantata smooth floor do not require a DPM or adhesive.

It means your installation can be up and

ready quickly, with minimal interruption. Just lay, weld and walk on the same day. The build can be planned in stages without being held up by drying times. And when the flooring has come to the end of its long and useful life, taking it up and replacing it could not be easier. There is no cost and time-consuming “making good” of the subfloor to worry about. At the end of its life, adhesive-free floors can be re- used elsewhere or recycled.

No adhesive means there are no odours; environments such as hospitals, residential care homes and universities have many people living and working in them; and shutting-down shop or installing noisy extractor fans is not an option.

Altro adhesive-free floors hold as effectively as an Altro floor installed using adhesive: no rucks, no movement. They achieve optimum installation results and conformity to our 10-year guarantee. We tested Altro XpressLay using a 900kg drilling rig with caterpillar tracks; the flooring did not move and was not marked in any way.

Our adhesive-free floors harmonise perfectly with other Altro floors, plus Altro Whiterock and Altro Fortis wall, door and corner protection, meaning we can help you create the look and feel you want, throughout.


As a specialist hire company, we provide the best pumping, heating and cooling solution for

virtually every need, location and

application 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our aim is to help our customers address the real-life challenges they face - whether planned or otherwise.

When a boiler breaks down and loses effectiveness, critical buildings can be left without heating and hot water. The impact of not installing a temporary boiler unit could result in closure of the building until a new boiler replacement has been installed.

As a leading hire organisation, Andrews Sykes, through its Boiler Hire division has available the widest range of electric, oil fired and natural gas boilers from 22kW to 1,500kW and can deliver and install equipment at short notice to cover any urgent contingency.

The 22kW electric boilers are an establishing unit within the Andrews Hire fleet. A fully-portable, robust and compact unit, they have proven themselves time and time again for delivering amazing reliability.

Easily sited and installed, they can be quickly coupled to any existing heating and hot water system, either supporting or as a replacement to on-site boilers that are being to fail.

The Andrews brand has more than 50 years’ experience dealing with hire, sale, installation and maintenance of all types of comfort cooling, air conditioning, heating, temperature control, ventilation and dehumidification systems. The dedication of our people and the values of our company give our customers the trust and faith to use our service time and time again.

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