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PROBLEM A FTSE 100 banking client

reported partner CRES teams are


FortisDay has launched a new range of recessed luminaires that present 30% less energy usage than any competitor design currently available on the market and can help achieve the Government’s mandated minimum energy performance standards by April 2018.

The stylish SmartiLumin range utilises latest proven lighting technology to produce a colour render index (CRI) of 93 together with light output and efficiencies of greater than 181 lumens per circuit watt.

For those who choose to adopt SmartiLumin technology, it can help ensure light fittings can be individually controlled to turn on and off, or dim the output as required. With light level sensors and presence detection, controls can be optimised to take advantage of natural daylight savings and maximise off periods, enhancing user environment.

The careful planning under the guidance of LED specialists to change to either full or partially automated LED lighting solutions such as SmartiLumin, will provide FMs with the simplest and quickest return on investment.

Changes are quick and easy to implement, and when installed with lighting controls, offers reduced maintenance and flexibility to be reconfigured into different groups for new office layouts or other required changes; all resulting in maximum energy management and ultimate resource savings.

delivering lower than expected efficiency levels due to not using The Changing Workplace’s CAFM tool, WebCoRE, properly. Teams are using non-standardised practices creating non-compatible data and operational silos.

SOLUTION The Changing Workplace has been entrusted as a consultant creating a framework and monitoring improvements. We are working with our client’s senior management team to:

• Develop process guidelines eliminating silos and standardising CAFM usage

• Develop new KPI’s and monitor adherence and achievement •

Improve data quality across the total portfolio to promote accurate BI

METHOD The Changing Workplace have identified necessary processes and knowledge improvements. Further training support is provided to CRES teams to improve knowledge and operations. We have also incorporated feedback from the CRES teams into the CAFM platform - simplifying WebCoRE’s dashboards and introducing in-line tool tips.

Lastly, The Changing Workplace has identified opportunities to engage with our client around connected buildings and relevant technology. With the conversation of ‘connectivity’ increasing companies are interested, but have trepidation to invest given the lack of ROI understanding. Cost-effective solutions such as our Sociometric Data & Reporting module (an on-demand reporting module highlighting trends and other key metrics from ID badge swipes through facilities) enables clients to engage with data captured through ‘hardware’ and further explore the connected world, making informed decisions. Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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