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OXYGEN-PRO Fragrance Delivery Technologies


GRITIT established its reputation for winter gritting and snow clearance services that are totally reliable and give full protection against financial and physical risks of adverse weather.

Our customer satisfaction record is consistently over 98%. Customers tell us they trust us to do a good job, they always know what is happening and nothing is too much trouble for us.

Our early adoption of in-house technology automated weather monitoring, service activation, logistics and communications; continued investment

in NIMBUS and on-the-job training transformed our

productivity and frees up our local teams to focus their attention on our clients’ needs. In 2015 we felt we could provide a better Grounds Maintenance service for the market, delivering the same visibility and control to clients and a return to the benefits of closer working relationships and collaboration. GRITIT now offers an All Seasons Outdoor FM service with winter gritting, grounds maintenance and sustainable tarmac repairs using infra-red technology.

In the last 12 months work was completed on the sector’s first ‘Internet of Things’ version of our on-site sensor, steaming data from our robust ground temperature sensor to our management systems, to drive localised weather models and more accurate gritting. Our Robotic Gritting development is now also well underway. Far from commoditising human labour we see opportunities to augment human effort and support more engaged team members who want to deliver personalised, high levels of service.

The eco-friendly Oxygen-Pro system is the ideal replacement to environmentally-harmful aerosols. Oxygen-Pro combines the benefits of intermittent spray systems delivering fresh fragrance, with the benefits of passive systems, which offer continuous fragrance delivery without any added solvents, propellants or alcohol.

Oxygen-Pro uses patented, medical grade Oxy-Gen Powered Technology to deliver pure fresh fragrance and odour neutraliser continuously for the duration of the Fragrance Cartridge life.

The Oxygen-Pro system comes with a choice of two Fragrance Cartridge sizes: The economical Regular Cartridge works continuously for 30 days, and the low cost-in-use Grande Cartridge can be programmed to work continuously for 30 days (strong fragrance intensity), 60 days (normal fragrance intensity) or 90 days (mild fragrance intensity).

All Oxygen-Pro Fragrance Cartridges contain the proprietary malodour eliminator Neutra-lox, specifically designed to be effective against

the smell of urine, faeces, body odour, tobacco, pet

malodours, mould, mildew and kitchen smells, without depreciating the fragrance.

For facilities that desire specific malodour eliminators without any fragrance, or a very low fragrance, a choice of two new cartridges are available in the Oxygen-Pro range: Neutra-lox and Kleer. ‘Kleer’ is a 100% natural plant-oil based malodor eliminator with no fragrance and ‘Neutra-lox’ cartridges have a high concentrated formulation of Neutra-lox with a hint of lemongrass.

The simple push-and-go format ensures quick and easy, hassle free service while the bright LED light and audio buzzer indicates when the cartridge or batteries require a change.

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