NURSE PLUS A national healthcare organisation, which has opened 60 branches this year, has unveiled an exciting new look as part of its ambitious business growth for 2018.

Nurse Plus has launched a fresh and modern brand image alongside a new and improved customer-focused website and Central Service Team.

The key message going forward is ‘Nurseplus – Better together’, representing the visions and values for continually looking to improve communication with partners and clients, and how they provide Nurseplus with a voice.

With 12 more branches planned to open in 2018, as well as introducing the business into Scotland, the positive changes will support the workforce to enable the aspired objectives.

To improve efficiency and quality of customer service the new Central Service Team, to be based in Liverpool, will ease the workload of regional branches and provide all clients with a more streamlined service.

Pamela Bruce, Nurse Plus Managing Director, commented: “We are all very excited about our business plans going forward and the changes we


CARE The Aromapersonal range comprises professional-grade cleaning, hygiene, odour management, protective personal and ‘spill clean-up’ products that counter common care home cleaning problems including bodily fluid spills and malodour. Combining the power and efficacy of professional grade hygiene products with premium perfumes and essential oils, Aromapersonal products are exquisitely scented and provide a touch of luxury to everyday tasks for carers and the cared-for. The result is a hygienic, clean living environment without any residual bleach or institutional chemical smell.

The range has been created by Quentin Steele, an expert with 30 years’ cleaning industry experience in hygiene and odour management, and aromatherapist, perfumer and product

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are making will support the whole workforce to continue to improve the service they provide.

“We hope to be able to further our service offering, especially in the areas of providing more complex care. Our new look is important for the future, but we have not changed, we are just evolving as our business grows!”

Nurse Plus was established in 2005 by a group of experienced healthcare and recruitment experts. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and provides homecare and nursing agency services, with 60 branches across the UK.

The company’s progress has been underlined by the recent investment from Sovereign Capital and shortlisting for a number of high profile industry awards.

designer Julie Foster, who also has first-hand experience of caring. They understand how to combine anti- bacterial ingredients and bio-enzymes - to break down the proteins found in vomit, bodily fluids and faeces that can be hard to clean from surfaces, floors and textiles – with natural fragrances to create a hygienically clean, fragrant environment.

This extensive innovative range includes: Direct to Floor Cleansing and Deodorising Formula and Hard Surface Antibacterial Cleansing & Deodorising Formula that you

simply spray and wipe away; Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula cleansing deodorising spray with silver added to neutralise and protect against bacteria and malodours in soſt furnishings and fabric; Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula to break down proteins in bodily fluids; Loo Guard to repel faecal splashes and stains; Absorbent Aromatic Granules to absorb toilet, vomit and blood spills and a Nose Guard Aromatic Balm to apply under the nostrils to counteract odour during caring tasks.

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