TECHNOLOGY Sanctuary Care is continuing to invest in the latest technology with plans to introduce electronic medication administration records (eMARs) across its care homes.

eMARs offer significant safety and efficiency advantages over traditional paper-based methods, reducing paperwork and administration for staff and freeing them to spend more time delivering high-quality care to residents.

Sanctuary has awarded the contract for delivery to Invatech Health, whose Atlas electronic medicine management system has been proven to improve safety, accountability and efficiency for residents and staff, as well as enabling closer working with local GP and pharmacy services.

Atlas was initially introduced on a pilot basis at two of Sanctuary Care’s homes – Brambles Residential Care Home in Redditch and Hastings Residential Care Home in Malvern – who have each worked with a local pharmacy to implement the system. Following the success of the pilot, the system will now be rolled out in over 90 Sanctuary Care homes across the country.

Dedicated training will be provided to staff through the implementation of the new technology to ensure a smooth transformation from the paper-based approach.

The introduction of eMARs follows Sanctuary Care’s successful national rollout of kradle – a bespoke electronic care planning

app, allowing staff to record vital details at the point of care, reducing paperwork and enabling them to spend more time with residents.

Jemma Robinson, Sanctuary Care’s Senior Programme Manager, said: “Embracing advances in care home technology enables us to enhance the quality of care we provide and further enrich our residents’ lives.

“kradle is already bringing significant benefits and the next natural step in our digital journey is the introduction of an electronic medication management system, simplifying the process and making it more efficient for all involved.

“We conducted a robust tender process to identify the best possible solution for our needs, based on whole market research, and are pleased to be working with Invatech Health. We now look forward to the benefits this technology will bring to the nurses, carers and residents in our care homes.”

Professor Clive Bowman, Chair of Invatech Health, commented: “Our mission is to transform medicine management in care homes for residents and staff and working with Sanctuary Care, one of the biggest providers of care in the UK, is a major step towards achieving this.

“The Atlas eMAR system is built to deliver the very best functionality for both the care homes administering medications and the local pharmacies prescribing them. We are delighted that Sanctuary has recognised the considerable benefits in safety and efficiency it can bring.”

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