today is disposable packaging. The global campaign to gain control of plastic waste is one of the fastest- growing environmental causes ever mounted. Ultimately manufacturers require a fundamental change in thinking about how plastics are made, used, and a responsibility to consider how they are discarded.

Initiatives to reduce the use of plastic have dominated the last couple of years, with McDonalds’ introduction of paper straws and Glastonbury operating a plastic-free festival just two examples among many.

The drive to eliminate single-use plastic will have a significant effect on the contract cleaning industry into 2021 and beyond, bringing both challenges and opportunities.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of cleaning products are currently contained in plastic packaging – whether bottles, bags or sachets, it’s usually plastic. Our industry will need to adapt, making every effort to source products stored in containers produced from alternative, more sustainable materials.

Waste and environmental

management Achieve your corporate and environmental responsibility with sustainable waste management from Floorbrite’s award winning Waste and Environmental Management division. We offer a range of services covering trade waste removal, recycling, food waste removal, secure shredding, hazardous waste and diversion from landfill.

Our Environmental Consultants can offer a bespoke waste management package unique to your requirements with a focus on achieving your specific environmental goals. We create programmes for managing internal and external recycling and can offer baling and compaction equipment on site to reduce your waste footprint before it even travels.

Accurate environmental reports can also be produced for your business, showing tonnages per month produced by your site and a breakdown of each waste stream. By measuring waste on a monthly basis, we can ensure a reduction of your landfill disposal.

Case Study: Waste management

The Floorbrite Group was successfully chosen by ESB Carrington Power following a Tender process, to provide services including cleaning, washroom, waste management and removals. Floorbrite provided a tailored waste removal solution that could achieve the company’s sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprint and achieving zero waste to landfill.

Carrington Power Station is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station, which is located on the site of a former coal- fired power station, close to the villages of Carrington and Partington in the Greater Manchester area.

Our Waste & Environmental Manager, Trudie Williams, provided a tailored solution to meet company objectives. The assessment included initial site audits and analysis of all waste streams on site. Floorbrite’s aims were to reduce waste removal costs, encourage 100% recycling, achieve zero waste to landfill, and to recover energy from waste.

Solutions implemented include the introduction of an

external compost unit for green waste, control systems to reduce production of hazardous waste, implementation of internal feeder waste containers, replacement of skips, introduction of specialised waste receptacles such as confidential waste, coffins for Flo-Tubes, WEEE waste crates and recommendations around placement on site to reduce site risks.

There were also amendments to collection frequencies, the provision and installation of signage, provision of internal recycling containers, tailored training for all site


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