The future of contract cleaning and waste management in 2021

Nina Wyers, Marketing Director at The Floorbrite Group, discusses our industry’s sustainable future.

The contract cleaning and FM market is highly competitive and increasingly focused on green solutions. Therefore new innovation that provides environmentally sustainable solutions, improves speed, efficiency and – most importantly – keeps standards high, is highly prized.

In 2021, we expect to see further innovation and enhancements in several areas, driven not only by client expectations, but also by external technological, social and political factors.

Social purpose beyond box ticking

While there has long been interest in sustainable and ethical cleaning methods and products, 2021 will see expectations step up a notch, with clients expecting to see evidence of social purpose and effectiveness.

Wider societal awareness around the green agenda and public concern for living more sustainably is seeing changes being made within the contract cleaning and FM industry – those businesses that give sustainability a cursory nod may find that minimal efforts are no longer adequate.

Sustainability has moved beyond box ticking and our industry isn’t immune from societal expectations. Clients look for solid statements of intent, keen to demonstrate that commitment to the green agenda extends to their supply chain.

We have focused on making small changes that make a big difference, sourcing ethical products and introducing more environmentally friendly cleaning methods, giving our clients confidence they’re working with a business conscious of its social purpose, with a green agenda commitment equal to their own.

Chemical free cleaning

Tersano and iClean turn your ordinary tap water into a highly effective chemical free cleaner, deodoriser and sanitiser that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including those


similar to the one that causes COVID-19. Tersano performs stronger than bleach and hydrogen peroxide, using only water and oxygen.

The award winning, patented Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) dispenser, uses electricity to add an extra molecule to O2

, creating O3

create safe, high performing SAO. The ozone is attracted to germs, stains and bacteria yet is harmless to people. It quickly attacks and eliminates contaminants, leaving only pure oxygen and water after cleaning and sanitising.

. This O3

Containing no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue, since the introduction of SAO millions of litres of toxic chemicals are no longer emptied into landfill, groundwater, streams and rivers each month.

The Floorbrite Group has been introducing our customers to Tersano for a while now. Why not book a demonstration at our new HQ Training Centre? Alternatively, we can trial the solution at your premises, proving the results with an Adenosine Triphosphate Hygiene Monitoring System (ATP Swab Testing), measuring residual organic matter that may remain after a surface is cleaned.

Reduce your water usage Ureco urinal sleeve and Uretech water management system

Winning ‘The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation’ in 2018, the market leading, patented technology in Ureco stops smells by trapping odours below the surface and reduces blockages through the patented enzyme system. This enables the Uretech system to reduce urinal flushes from around 96 times to just four times a day – saving money by reducing water consumption by up to 96%.

Eco-consciousness: How to become

plastic-free Plastic production is forecast to more than double by 2050 – increasing to 756m tons. 40% of plastic manufactured , or ozone, is infused into cold tap water to

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