is that the work can be carried out in the daytime with minimal disturbance to passers-by, whilst creating much needed free awareness of the chewing gum pollution blight.

Osprey Deepclean helped one giant ice cream producer save 6m litres of water every year. This company struggled to reach their sustainability goals without impeding on production. Operatives needed to heat large amounts of water, wasting energy, while continuously rinsing down surfaces and drying residual moisture to prevent cross-contamination.

It’s tough to prevent cross-contamination with traditional cleaning methods. There’s an inevitable spread of harmful bacteria from dirty to clean surfaces. It can cost resources to rectify while doubling or tripling your energy and water usage, and wastage.

usage, and wastage.

One of the biggest problems with traditional cleaning methods is the considerable volume of effluent discharge. Handled incorrectly, toxic chemicals can pollute clean water sources and damage environments. Handled properly, wastewater still consumes significant energy to remedy and levies a high environmental cost.

DSV technology’s waste removal procedure saves

considerable time and money, while providing an environmentally friendly solution that prevents cross- contamination. Cleaning operatives can simply empty the waste tank when it fills and enjoy the peace mind that sustainable actions provide.

Driving sustainability

DSV technology produces little to no moisture, prevents cross-contamination and doesn't rely on chemicals to achieve higher standards of environmental hygiene than other cleaning technologies.

Government research shows that UK businesses can save up to £23bn annually through improved energy and water use. Financial rewards, unmatched environmental benefits and exceptional hygiene standards should drive home DSV cleaning’s transformational effects.

At Osprey Deepclean, we’ve dedicated 20 years to engineering the most sustainable and effective DSV technology. All our machines are DEFRA listed, tested in healthcare settings and relied on by hospitals. We’re striving to help businesses like yours have a positive environmental impact.


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