A straight flush

Cannon Hygiene use smart technology to help a Genting Casino save 1.5m litres of water a year.

For businesses with large property sites, there are many concerns when it comes to the day-to-day running of buildings. From planned refurbishments and maintenance to cleaning contracts and energy use – each cost needs to be optimised and balanced against customer experience.

Many businesses have, as yet, struggled to find a way to dramatically reduce their water consumption in their property estates – despite many recognising this as a sustainability challenge.

One Genting Casino’s adoption of Smart Water Meters has enabled it to understand more about its water use and how it can reduce consumption without impacting on washroom hygiene. Alongside immediate water savings in the washroom, the technology is also giving it insight on its water consumption elsewhere in the two-storey building.

Gaining insight

Genting Casino’s site in Sheffield city centre is a 40,000 sq ft building a stone’s throw from the town hall. Built in 2008, the modern building includes 17 gaming tables and 20 slots with a late-night bar and Chinese restaurant.

The casino hosts around 700 customers per day, with footfall peaking on Friday and Saturday, who use its 12 washrooms. Cannon Hygiene has supplied the site alongside Genting Casino’s 40 other properties for seven years, providing it with a wide range of washroom services specifically designed to ensure the optimum customer experience.

Cannon Hygiene approached Genting Casino with a trial of a new Smart Water Meter product that would provide insight to help it understand water use across its Sheffield site. The specialist hygiene services provider combined this with adaptations to the casino’s six male washrooms, fitting water management systems that significantly reduce water consumption. Working in conjunction with the water management systems, Cannon also fitted its Actiflow cartridges into each urinal.

Clare Stevens, Genting’s National Account Manager at Cannon Hygiene, said: “A common issue for lots of businesses when it comes to trying to reduce water use is knowing where to start. As a specialist in the hygiene sector we know that the washroom can be a key contributor. Our intelligent water management systems, coupled with smart water meters, allow us to work with customers to improve efficiency and prove return on investment.”

Understanding the washroom

The smart water meter on the mains supply measures a combination of time, flow and volume of water, indicating any problems with water flow and


their monetary value. Immediately after installation, the real time display (which is updated every few seconds) is used to detail consumption of specific areas.

Two weeks after implementing the smart meter, the Cannon Hygiene team installed its water management systems and Actiflow product in Genting Casino’s six male washrooms. The Actiflow system is a small cartridge fitted to the waste outlet of urinals and is replaced every three months.

“The smart water meter on the mains supply measures a combination of time, flow and volume of water,

indicating any problems with water flow and their monetary value.”

Friendly bacteria in the Actiflow cartridge kill odour-causing bacteria and penetrate uric salts making them soluble. The Cannon Water Management System then flushes away the uric salts at controlled intervals, therefore preventing the build-up of uric scale, which is the main cause of blockages in urinal pipe work.

With the Actiflow bacteria keeping pipes clean and urinals smelling fresh between flushes, it reduces the amount of flushing needed – from up to 96 times per day to just four times a day. Cannon Hygiene’s water management system is also much more efficient than some others on the market, which can still require up to 30 flushes each day.

Through the smart water meter’s analysis, Genting Casino found that the water management systems are saving on average 4,113 litres of water a day – amounting to more than 1.5m litres of water annually.

Steve Gerrard, Building Services Manager at Genting Casino, said: “We

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