COLOUR WITH IVC Featuring gradual and organic colour transitions, Art Fields is the latest carpet plank series from IVC. With a colour flow that’s peaceful and soothing, as well as an excellent border between functional spaces, Art Fields combines three level loop designs to achieve its effect.

Starting with the surface of Shared Path as the base, Organic Shift mixes this mainly grey texture with sporadic colour accents before Full Shift takes over and turns these into the dominant colour. Using the three carpet tiles in conjunction cycling through a coordinated palette brings a tonal shift that zones without abrupt transition.

Using 40% recycled ColorStrand nylon for lasting stain and fade-resistance in a premium 12th gauge textured loop construction and with the 70% recycled EcoFlex Statera backing, Art Fields ticks all the boxes of a carpet tile designed for use in modern office environments. In a 25cm x 75cm format, the planks can be used together or independently throughout working spaces, meeting areas, receptions, breakouts and congregation areas.


SCREED GOLD Leaving subfloors smooth and ready to take on any floorcovering, Pro- Screed Gold is a two-part levelling and smoothing compound from floorwise. Used by fitters across the country and established as a must-have product to tackle a range of subfloor conditions, Pro-Screed Gold gives the golden touch to any preparation job.

Working over old adhesive residue, on top of a wide range of substrates and compatible with underfloor heating systems, Pro-Screed Gold is a reassuringly versatile solution, and this makes it a great addition to any fitter’s go-to product stable. Moisture-tolerant and even working over damp proof membranes; there are few subfloor jobs that can’t be tackled by this bag and bottle system.

With a fast setting time of 90-minutes under normal conditions and flow


Art Fields opens new opportunities to demarcate spaces without resorting to the abrupt lines that are commonplace in today’s interiors, ensuring carpeted floors retain a sense of flow. Of course, should the look demand structured lines, combinations can reveal these too. In a range of bright accents in yellow, orange, pink, teal and purple; as well as a subtle grey on grey transition, it’s a collection that showcases IVC’s thoughtful

properties that help it cover poor condition subfloors faster, floorwise has developed Pro-Screed Gold to match the performance of the market’s best products while still delivering on the supplier’s promise of value.

Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise said: “We now count Pro-Screed Gold as one of our best- selling preparation and installation products. The combination of versatility, speed, quality and value has clearly met with approval from installers and we’ve enjoyed consistently strong year-on-year sales growth in the three-years since we launched to market.”

A two-part latex polymer levelling and smoothing compound, Pro-Screed

approach to carpet tile design.

Entirely made in Belgium, Art Fields uses the latest in 12th gauge tufting technology to yield more intricate patterns over conventional 1/10th gauge loop pile constructions and achieve its striking transitional effect. Rated Class 33, the carpet planks can be confidently used in demanding commercial spaces.

Gold can be applied at depths from 2mm to 12mm in one application. Thickness can be extended to 30mm with the addition of an aggregate. On most subfloors, floorcoverings can be installed without the need to prime and after just four hours.

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