MAKE A SPLASH WITH AQUA+ The EGGER PRO Laminate Aqua+ range is EGGER’s answer to water-resistant laminate

flooring, using water-resistant technology in the core board. The Aqua+ range is available in 18 trend-led decors, including woodgrain and ceramic decors and two board formats; Classic and Kingsize for creative application in any setting.

EGGER PRO LAMINATE AQUA+ ► EGGER PRO Laminate Aqua+ is available in 18 trend-led decors.

► An EGGER Aqua+ board is five times more resistant to water swelling than a standard laminate, due to specially developed high density fibre (HDF) core board.

► EGGER PRO Laminate Aqua+ is installed using UNIfit!, which is 40% faster than other systems.

The range of Aqua+ decors are part of the EGGER PRO Flooring 2018-2020 collection which provides the answer for both commercial and private interiors.

EGGER’s innovative collection of 18 Aqua+ decors features the latest technology, providing a water-resistant floor that is well suited to bathrooms, restaurants, kitchens and bars. Not only is it more cost effective than glued and grouted ceramic tiles, it is also the only laminate floor in the market that can be steam cleaned.

Craig James, UK Sales Manager for EGGER Flooring Products says: “The feedback on the Aqua+ range has been phenomenal so far. The high-quality finish of the boards provides the perfect water-resistant flooring solution in the home and in commercial spaces. The variety of decors and two board formats allow for creative application in any room- size and function”.

SPECIALIST TECHNOLOGY An EGGER Aqua+ board is five times more resistant to water swelling than a standard laminate due to its specially developed high-density fibre (HDF) core board. This unique technology also prevents warping and buckling if the environmental conditions change in the room.

TREND-LED DECORS Design experts at EGGER have travelled around the world


to source the latest texture and decor trends as inspiration for the Aqua+ range. Woodgrain decors are available in a Classic board format 8mm/32 (1291 x 193mm) and feature 11 oak and walnut finishes. Material decors are available in a Kingsize board format 8mm/32 (1291 x 327mm) and includes seven granite, stone and concrete finishes. Both board formats offer a fantastic choice of decors when choosing flooring for a specific interior or application area.

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION Like the majority of flooring in the EGGER PRO collection, the Aqua+ boards are installed using UNIfit!, a glue-less installation system which is 40% faster than other systems. Due to EGGER’s flexible and floating installation technology, no tools are required and multiple installers can work simultaneously in one room. As well as saving time and money, the UNIfit! click system has a sturdy connection and is easy to install around doors, pipes and radiators.

EGGER LIFETIME GUARANTEE All of the Aqua+ decors come with a lifetime warranty which covers domestic use for 30 years and commercial use for five years. This gives peace of mind that a high-quality, resilient and functional product is being installed and can be relied on.

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