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EXPERIENCES The Care Quality Commission has launched new partnerships with a number of national charities as part of their ‘Tell us about your care’ campaign.

The commission have joined forces with Carers UK, Disability Rights UK, Mind, The National Autistic Society, Patients Association, and the Relatives & Residents Association in a bid to find out more about the views and experiences of health and social care service users in England.


QUALITY The National Quality Board (NQB) has published a new framework to help promote improved quality across all national health organisations.

The publication, released late last year, provides a nationally agreed definition of quality and a guide for managers and leaders of health and social care organisations across the country, in a bid to help them improve quality.

The framework aims to provide more consistency and to enable the health and social care system to work together more effectively.

The NQB brings together the Department of Health, Public Health England, NHS England, Care Quality Commission, NHS Improvement, and the National Institute of Care Excellence and was established to provide leadership on quality.

Professor Sir Mike Richards, CQC’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals and

co-chair of the NQB, said: “CQC’s State of Care report highlighted variation in quality in all the sectors it regulates – between providers and even between different services from the same provider. The first step in improving quality is for us to have a common view of what we mean by it. The NQB’s single shared view of quality envisages person- centred services that are safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led, and which use resources in a sustainable way.

“This document sets out our commitment to quality, and we’ll demonstrate that commitment in practical ways. For example by using the National Quality Board to co- ordinate work on quality across health and care, and commissioning work from others that supports quality improvement. We are also aligning the way we assess and support leadership, which should make it easier for providers to demonstrate the good leadership that staff and people who use services rely on.”

The Shared Commitment to Quality can be found at ourwork/part-rel/nqb.

The Tell us about your care partnerships enables these organisations to pass on information gained from patients to the CQC.

Chris Day, Director of Engagement at the Care Quality Commission, said: “People’s experiences of care are absolutely vital to CQC’s work. They help us to identify where care may be falling below the standards we all have a right to expect, and where outstanding care is being provided.

“We share common cause with organisations that work with and represent people who use services in wanting to make sure that our health and social care services provide safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care, which is why it’s fantastic to be working with Carers UK, Disability Rights UK, Mind, The National Autistic Society, Patients Association, and the Relatives & Residents Association in this way. They will help us to reach even more people who may have information that can allow us to take action against poor care, encourage improvement, and to celebrate great services.”

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