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revolutionary diagnostic products designed to improve health globally including chemistry, immunoassay, molecular & POC analysers in addition to high quality first and third party reagents. Leading provider of complete quality control solutions including; daily quality control, calibration verification and proficiency testing for results you can trust. Biochip Array Technol- ogy is a unique multiplexing method offering clinical, research and molecular panels. We also offer a range of COVID-19 testing solu- tions for all testing needs.

Microvette® APT, automated processing tube for 250 – 500 µl of capillary blood.

We offer modular front- and back-end auto- mation for laboratories of all sizes. Automation is available as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system. Processing options include: bulk tube loading, sample identifica- tion, sorting, decapping, aliquoting, recapping, transfer to a track system, and now specimen transportation via our new Tempus600®


Let SARSTEDT be your pre-analytical partner to improve patient care while increasing efficiency.

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Our product lines include: • Clinical chemistry reagents • Coagulation systems and reagents

• Point-of-care molecular, rapid tests and immunoassay system

• Enzymes and specialty biochemicals See our ad on page 15

REES SCIENTIFIC 1007 Whitehead Rd. Ext. Trenton, NJ 08638

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (609) 530-1055 Website: Email:

Since 1982, Rees Scientific has been the most compliant continuous environmental moni- toring system in the industry. Our system can monitor the temperature of any cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers) from +100 to -196 °C. We monitor equipment and parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, differential pressure and more. We can help you prepare for FDA, Joint Commission and CLIA regulatory requirements. We provide CDC compliant monitoring of vaccines and medications. Receive alarm notifications via interactive telephone, emails and texts. Our regional sales, service and engineering team can partner with you to implement the best system according to your needs.

SEEGENE TECHNOLOGIES 325 N. Wiget Lane, Suite #140 Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (925) 448-8172 Website: Email:

Seegene Technologies is the U.S. based inno- vation division of Seegene Inc., a global devel- oper of molecular technologies, high-multiplex real-time PCR assays, Mobile labs and Self-test combo swabs.

We have one of the largest portfolios of assays for infectious diseases including common respiratory infections, STD, GI, UTI, Tick-Borne Diseases and much more. Our COVID-19 kit, Allplex™ 2019-nCoV Assay is FDA EUA. Our Allplex™ SARS-CoV-2/FluA/FluB/RSV Assay is a multiplex RT-PCR Assay that can detect and differentiate Flu A, Flu B, RSV A/B and 3 targets of SARS-CoV-2 (For Research Use Only- RUO). Our Novaplex range of assays (RUO) also include assays that are designed to detect and identify SARS-CoV-2 variants.

SML GENETREE SCIENCES, INC. 400 Concor Drive,Suite 03-160 San Mateo, CA 94402

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (678)-576-4531 Website: Email:

SML Genetree is a leading developer of mul- tiplex molecular technologies based in South Korea and an affiliate of Samkwang Medical Laboratories (SML). The Ezplex SARS-CoV-2 G Kit has U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authoriza- tion (EUA) and CE IVD. This real-time PCR in vitro diagnostic test detects SARS-CoV-2 RdRp and N genes from nasopharyngeal (NP) and oropharyngeal (OP) swabs and sputum speci- mens as well as pooled NP and OP specimens. Ezplex PCR kits for MTBC/NTM, H. pylori, respiratory pathogen panel and COVID/Flu/ RSV as well as an Ezplex NGS kit for HPV have also received CE IVD.

SOFTGENETICS 100 Oakwood Ave State College, PA 16803


Newton, NC 28658

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (800) 257-5101 Phone: (828) 465-4000 Website: Email:

SARSTEDT is a global provider of specimen collection products, medical devices, consum- ables, and instrumentation. We offer specimen collection solutions that eliminate sample trans- fers from untreated syringes, reduce hemolysis and clotting rates, and offer ultra-low volumes for better blood management. Ask about the

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS One Wall Street Burlington, MA 01803

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (781) 652-7800 Website: Email:

For over 40 years SEKISUI Diagnostics has been committed to providing innovative medical diagnostics to physicians and labora- tories. We develop, manufacture, and supply billions of tests each year to the global health- care market through our sales channels and our distribution/business partners.

26 CLR 2021-2022 • MLO •

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (814) 237-9340 Ext: 202 Fax: (814) 237-9343 Website: Email:

SoftGenetics LLC specializes in the develop- ment of genetic analysis software PowerTools for medical research and forensic applications. Hallmarks of SoftGenetics’ tools are advanced technologies providing exceptional accuracy, and sensitivity in an easy-to-use Windows® user interface.

Programs Include: Mutation Surveyor®

Software, for the analy-

sis of capillary sequence data GeneMarker®

Software, for MLPA® , MSI,

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