across the globe to co-create and provide biological control materials, assay services and consulting for microbiology, molecular diagnostics and virology. With over 900 strains available in a variety of user-friendly formats, we offer the largest and most diverse line of QC microorganisms.

Targets covered include respiratory, women’s health and STIs, gastrointestinal, COVID, blood culture ID, healthcare associated infections, and more.

Orchard Software Corporation is a leader in the laboratory information system industry and offers a variety of laboratory system solutions. Orchard serves more than 2,000 laboratories across the country, helping them improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance integration. Orchard’s cloud-based solutions are installed in physician groups and clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, student health centers, veterinary labs, public health organizations, universities, and retail facilities. Orchard provides a comprehensive suite of laboratory information systems covering clini- cal lab, microbiology, pathology, molecular, point-of-care testing, and toxicology.

Puritan Medical Products Co., LLC, is a 102 year old, family-owned American company known worldwide as the trusted manufacturer of single-use products for controlled environ- ments, diagnostics and specimen collection, environmental, forensics, and genetics, medical and microbiology media industries. Puritan is FDA-registered and ISO-certified. Its products help customers collect, analyze, and transport specimens with the utmost confidence in the products’ clinical integrity. Puritan manufac- tures all of its patented flock swabs and related products in its three Maine facilities. For more information about Puritan Medical Products, visit

MIRAVISTA DIAGNOSTICS 4705 Decatur Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46241

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (866) 647-2847 Phone: (317) 856-2681 Fax: (317) 856-3685 Website: Email:

MiraVista Diagnostics is a specialty diag- nostic laboratory and device manufacturer committed to improved patient outcomes by developing highly accurate test solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of serious fungal infections. MiraVista specializes in testing for histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, blastomy- cosis, aspergillosis, and (1–3)-β-D glucan by offering antigen and antibody testing options.

Services offered by MiraVista Diagnostics:

MVista Quantitative Antigen Detection: His- toplasma, Coccidioides, and Blastomyces EIAs

Other Antigen Detection: Aspergillus Galacto- mannan, B-D Glucan

Antibody Detection: MVista Histoplasma IgG IgM, MVista Coccidioides IgG IgM, Blastomy- ces, and Aspergillus



Haverhill, MA 01835

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (800) 739-9067 Fax: (978) 374-4885 Website: Email:

Proline Laboratory Furniture and tables offer a modular design that allows you to configure laboratory to meet your requirement.

Offering multiple work surface choices including but not limited to Epoxy Resin, Stain- less Steel and economical Chem-Guard chemi- cal resistant work surfaces.

Cabinets offer 90 percent extension slides with 150 pounds capacity.

Economical laboratory tables with hanging cabinets and casters offering a truly modular ergonomic design.


9975 Summers Ridge Road San Diego, CA 92121

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: (800) 874-1517 Website: Email:

For 40 years Quidel has served to enhance the health and well-being of people around the globe through the development of diagnostic solutions that accurately and quickly diagnose infectious diseases, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, allowing healthcare workers to quickly test and treat at the point- of-care, which leads to improved patient out- comes, providing numerous economic benefits to the healthcare system. Quidel’s research and development engine is also developing a con- tinuum of diagnostic solutions from advanced immunoassay to molecular diagnostic tests to further improve the quality of healthcare in physicians’ offices and hospital and reference laboratories. For more information about Quidel’s comprehensive product portfolio visit

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CORPORATION 701 Congressional Blvd. Carmel, IN 46032

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (800)-856-1948 Phone: (800)-856-1948 Website: Email:


31 School Street, Box 149 Guilford, ME 04443

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (800) 321-2313 Phone: (207) 876-3311 Website: Email:


515 Industrial Boulevard Kearneysville, WV 25430

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (866) 4 Randox Phone: (304) 728-2890 Fax: (304) 728-1890 Website: Email:

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