2011, Beckman Coulter is headquartered in Brea, Calif., and has more than 11,000 global associates working diligently to make the world a healthier place.

ARLINGTON SCIENTIFIC, INC 1840 North Technology Drive Springville, UT 84663

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Arlington Scientific, Inc® (ASI) is a USA

based, FDA registered, industry leading global medical technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells in-vitro diagnostics, diagnostic analyzers for syphilis screening, face shields, medical donor lounges for Apher- esis and Blood Donor Collection, and nasal curettes for uniform mucosal samples.

Arlington Scientific’s expertise and emphasis are in diagnostic syphilis reagents and sero- logical test kits. Arlington Scientific developed the ASI Evolution, the only automated nontrepo- nemal (RPR) syphilis analyzer FDA cleared for diagnostic, blood donor screening and cadav- eric (Non-heart beating) donor screening.

Urine B2M, Ceruloplasmin, Cystatin C • CSF: Albumin. IgG, IgA, IgM

• Other Proteins: A1 Glycoprotein, A1A, A2M, CRP, Haptoglobin, Prealbumin

• RF, Transferrin

Our assays have optimized protocols with wide measuring ranges, large dilution steps and automatic re-dilutions.

Quality Assurance Schemes

BINDING SITE 6730 Mesa Ridge Rd San Diego, CA 92121

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Freelite® Assays

• The global leader in serum free light chain quantification

• Freelite assays comprise a well-established serum assay set used for the diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer of malignant plasma cells in the bone marrow. Freelite assays enable accurate and rapid quantification of free k (kappa) and L (lambda) immunoglobulin light chain concentrations.

BECKMAN COULTER, INC. 250 South Kraemer Blvd. Brea, CA 92821

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Beckman Coulter is committed to advancing healthcare for every person by applying the power of science, technology and the passion and creativity of our teams to enhance the diagnostic laboratory’s role in improving healthcare outcomes. Our diagnostic systems are used in complex biomedical testing, and are found in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician office settings around the globe. Beckman Coulter offers a unique combination of people, processes and solutions designed to elevate the performance of clinical laboratories and healthcare networks. We do this by accel- erating care with a menu that matters, bringing the benefit of automation to all, delivering greater insights through clinical informatics and unlocking hidden value through perfor- mance partnership. An operating company of Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR) since

• Freelite assays were used to establish the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines for use in the initial diagnostic workup of Multiple Myeloma and related disorders, and by the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) for the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma.

Binding Site is a market leader in the development of products for the investigation of immune status including immunodeficiency diseases. Our current range of specialized products includes assays for:

• Quantifying immunoglobulins & subclasses • Measuring complement proteins • CSF Panel

Optimized Instrumentation and Assays Optilite®

protein testing

Optilite has been developed exclusively for Binding Site’s special protein assays, bringing harmony to assay and analyzer alike. This dedicated system, along with Binding Site’s exceptional support, ensures optimal assay performance and system throughput.

Our robust Optilite assay menu includes: • IgG and IgA Subclasses • Immunoglobulins: IgG, A, M, D • Complement: C1i, C3c, C4 and CH50 • Renal: Albumin, Low Level Albumin, B2M,

- Your workflow solution for special

IMMPROVE™ QA Schemes • Allow laboratories to monitor the standard of their own results over time and compare them to other methods available.

• Participants are located in more than 15 countries worldwide and laboratories may join a scheme at any time during the year.

• The schemes are for: o Total Immunoglobulins (IgG, M, A) o IgG and IgA subclasses o Paraproteins

o Functional Immunoglobulins (Kappa, Lambda, Beta-2-Microglobulin, K/L ratio)

We are committed to improving patient lives worldwide though education, collaboration and innovation.

BIO-RAD LABORATORIES 4000 Alfred Nobel Dr. Hercules, CA 94547

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When it comes to quality control, Bio-Rad leads the way for clinical laboratories with a portfolio of independent quality controls and data management software solutions to facilitate effective quality testing, analysis and compliance for hundreds of the most widely used diagnostic instruments. Bio-Rad’s compre- hensive menu of QC products includes analytes for immunoassay, TDM, chemistry, cardiac assessment, immunology, hematology, diabe- tes, molecular infectious disease, serological infectious disease and more.

Additional Products & Services Provided: • Blood Bank Testing • Clinical Microbiology • Diabetes and Hemoglobinopathy Testing • HIV Testing • Automation Platforms: BioPlex®

2200 System, EVOLIS™ microplate system. • MLO • CLR 2021-2022 21 Bio-Rad continued on page 22

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