Organisations shaking up computing science in Scotland

PREWIRED This charity supports Scots under 19 to learn code and opens their eyes to the possibilities presented by programming.

DRESSCODE A non-profit that encourages girls aged 11 to 13 into computing science with lunchtime coding clubs to help close the gender gap.

CODEBASE STIRLING – LEVELUP This digital skills strategy for under-18s inspires and supports young people to develop a range of digital skills including programming.

GENERATION TECH An annual technology design challenge hosted by JP Morgan for female students studying National 5 mathematics and interested in a STEM career.

computing science lecturer at Glasgow University, Taylor- Smith and Barr are the co- founders of ADA Scotland – an annual festival that addresses the gender imbalance in computing science education.

23 CRAIG STEELE Director at Digital Skills Educa- tion, Steele is the creator of “cy- ber skills lessons” which are “a hit” with teachers and pupils. He works closely with Digital World and leads CoderDojo Scotland – a network of free coding clubs.

24 DR QUINTIN CUTTS Professor of computing science education at Glasgow University, Cutts helps run various innova- tive initiatives, including PLAN C – a training programme for computing science teachers.

25 MARTIN BEATON AND EVELYN WALKER Beaton, Edinburgh satellite man- ager at EIT Digital, and Walker, a digital and cyber educator, have encouraged countless pupils into cybersecurity by helping to run the annual national “Christmas Cyber Lectures” event.

26 KRAIG BROWN Partnership and development manager at Digital Xtra Fund, Brown promotes digital skills and careers among young people in Scotland. He previously worked at Edinburgh Science where he raised funds for school STEM outreach programmes.

27 GILLIAN DOCHERTY Chief executive of Te Data Lab, Docherty helps run an annual initiative alongside the innovation

centre’s Data Fest event to inspire young girls into computing science.

28 GREG REID Former computing science teacher and now subject implementation manager of computing science at the SQA, Reid is a creator of innova- tive teaching resources and author of several books on the subject.

29 HATTIE CHANDLER AND TANYA HOWDEN Chandler, strategic programme manager at Hearts FC and Howden, learning experience designer at Robotical, have teamed up to deliver a free coding club for children.

30 ALAN TORRENCE Executive director at JP Morgan and founder of Make It Happen – a charity that aims to encourage primary school children into computing science. l

SMARTSTEMS This organisation runs hub events for students to learn about STEM career opportunities while taking part in workshops and activities.

DIGITAL XTRA FUND A charity that provides grant awards to organisations delivering extracurricular computing and digital tech activities to young people across Scotland.

CODERDOJO SCOTLAND Part of a global collaboration that provides free coding clubs for young people, this initiative teaches kids to become great programmers.

DIGITAL INVENTORS CHALLENGE This annual competition focuses on using technology to improve health and gives secondary pupils the opportunity to pitch innovative ideas


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