Freightos Group’s WebCargo rate comparison platform has confirmed that Turkish Cargo is joining its growing list of carriers whose capacity is available through the system. Once the Turkish flag-carrier has joined WebCargo, more than 20% of global air cargo capacity will be available on the platform, giving over 2,000 forwarder customers instant access to capacity and pricing. Turhan Ozen, Turkish’s

chief cargo officer, comments: “Effective leadership is required to handle customers’ constantly diversifying demands accurately across the air cargo industry. As an

air cargo brand with one of the widest networks in the world, we focus on digital solutions. We are pleased to partner with WebCargo to provide digital connectivity for our customers as part of our commitment to constant innovation in offering the best service possible.” WebCargo chief executive

Malen Galindo spoke to FBJ in late April, and confirmed that Turkish Cargo flights would shortly be available on WebCargo in Spain and India and it would expand to other markets in ensuing weeks. Turkish Cargo is the latest

addition to the platform. In the first quarter of this year,

Qatar Airways Cargo joined WebCargo. Other airlines offering eBookings and rate distribution are Lufthansa, Etihad, Air France/KLM/ Martinair, IAG, SAS and AirBridgeCargo (ABC), some of them exclusively. Since January this year,

eBookings on WebCargo have increased by over 2,000%, and Galindo expects that to continue as more airlines join the platform. He enthuses: “Working with

so many airlines, we’re proud to share the expertise that we’ve learned and co-operate with our airline partners to leverage their digital presence. We aim

to roll out new airlines in a way that does so seamlessly while driving value to as many

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forwarders as possible.” WebCargo is undoubtedly

benefiting from the trend in the aviation industry, including within air cargo, towards a more digital way of doing business. Moreover, says Galindo, ‘Digital Air Cargo’ as a trend is also being fuelled by a powerful combination of effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The air cargo capacity crunch of 2020 quickly proved to airlines and forwarders alike that digital connectivity was crucial in keeping global trade flowing. “Air cargo felt the financial

hit from the pandemic as carriers were grounded due to lack of passengers, and as less than 50% of cargo capacity was being used to begin with,

access to real-time rates, capacity and booking was a game changer.” WebCargo can meet needs

accentuated by the pandemic but is also well placed for the long-term, given the longer term trends. And Galindo has big ambitions. “We plan


bring 100% of global capacity online,” he says. “More importantly, as

Digital Air Cargo unlocks new efficiencies, we hope to help to grow the total market of air cargo utilisation: so, in essence, we’re aiming for more than 100%. We have several announcements coming up with new airlines joining the system, as well as enhanced functionalities and products.”

Cathay carries out One Record pilot

Cloud airfreight solutions

firm SmartKargo has gone live with an e-commerce shipping solution for Norwegian-based Widerøe Airlines. Widerøe can now deliver

e-commerce shipments to the entire Norwegian population through its 42 destinations in the country and seven others abroad. It also gives Widerøe connections with a range of airline interline and ground delivery partners as well as direct connectivity with major e-commerce retail sites. SmartKargo introduced

its e-commerce solution last year to enable airlines to open new revenue streams with e-commerce shipping and package delivery, which is projected to accelerate from

An exciting delivery is scheduled for June...

an estimated $5 trillion sales globally this year to $6.4 trillion in 2024. Widerøe’s cargo manager,

Thomas Lone, said: “The growth of e-commerce provides an important opportunity for airlines like Widerøe, especially in these

times when revenues Intelligent Freight Management

from passenger travel have decreased. SmartKargo integrates all of our partners and enables us to more fully utilise the cargo capacity of our aircraft, to leverage our strong brand throughout Norway and generate the higher yields from

Cathay Pacific Cargo says it has carried out a successful pilot of IATA’s ONE Record that creates a single view of shipments that can be shared by all stakeholders. The scheme aims to create end-to-end transparency of consignments as they pass through multiple links in the chain from shipper to agent, airline, warehouse and statutory authorities such as customs, all following IATA’s protocols for APIs – the interface that enables users

integrated logistics.” SmartKargo technology can

be integrated with an airline’s existing cargo operating system and software, using a wide range of APIs to enable implementation in only a few months. SmartKargo’s chief revenue

officer, Olivier Houri, added: “Widerøe will be able to fast- track its cargo revenue growth by extending their traditional cargo services to current clients by tapping

into the

fast-growing market demand for e-commerce distribution service. The SmartKargo platform can be set up and launched quickly. Lone commented: “Their

flexible approach means the e-commerce solution can wrap around existing air cargo systems, but in our case, we preferred to upgrade

to connect to the system – security and data sharing. The pilot, which ran in Hong

Kong in March, was a joint initiative between airline and the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) and enabled stakeholders to view shipment data over a two-day period. The participating freight

forwarders included Sinotrans, Soonest Express and DHL, which all used a platform developed by Global Logistics System.

and implemented the full- suite of SmartKargo solutions, which included our Cargo Client Portal, which will be transformative for us.” SmartKargo chief executive,

Milind Tavshikar commented further: “The innovative solution is the first of its kind in the industry. The transaction begins at the shopping cart in a browser and sets


logistics process in motion, creating the shipping order and driving the service level agreement seamlessly from the initial transaction through transport and delivery to the customer’s door. SmartKargo solutions are providing a compelling shipping method for online retailers to ship directly using capacity on commercial airlines, at a time that e-commerce shipping is in high demand worldwide.”

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