Issue 4 2021 - Freight Business Journal


BoxTop Technologies are innovative leaders in the provision of freight forwarding and logistics software. We provide revolutionary, Windows-based technical solutions designed specifically for the freight industry. Our application is packed with specialist modules to help

you to coordinate and control your whole business from quotation and sales activities, through multi-modal operational processes, to accounts and on-demand management reporting. Key features include:

Multimodal Booking Facility •

Create and manage Air, Sea, Road, Rail and Courier shipments for Import, Export, Domestic and Cross-Trade movements

Accounts and Financial Management Reporting •

Create sales invoices, pass supplier invoices and manage your finances using our intelligent profit centre

Customer Relationship Management • Manage your prospective and existing customers by creating sales actions and analysing routes, trends and volumes

Warehousing • Our stock control facility lets you manage your customers inventory and provides a full audit trail of each and every movement.

BoxTrax – Web Portal • Our inclusive online facility offers your customer visibility of jobs and warehouse stock, coupled with the option to book jobs online, place orders and obtain KPI reports

Purchase Order Management • Manage your customers orders right from the order placed date through to delivery. Our pipeline screen neatly displays the current progress of each order

E-Doc Management •

Store and retrieve any type of file including emails, pictures, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF’s

Microsoft Office Integration •

Export reports directly to Excel, open and edit Word templates, and send emails with attachments through Outlook

BoxTop is robust, reliable and solidly built on a Microsoft

Windows platform, utilising Microsoft SQL Server technology. The system is designed to run within your existing Windows framework, without the need for capital expenditure on expensive dedicated hardware. For larger companies, the use of Terminal Services or Citrix can connect remote offices or home workers with just a simple internet connection – thus removing the need for expensive hardware in multiple locations. Our highly experienced team are always willing to discuss your current architecture to ensure that everything will work from the onset. To find out more about us and the services we provide, contact one of our sales team today by:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8400 2000 Email: Web:

We make powerful and easy to use software for the freight & warehousing industries. We combine our experience of developing and deploying software solutions with our hardware expertise to deliver enterprise-class solutions and services. Databank FMS - Our powerful Freight Management Software

solution has been designed to help manage global freight for sea, air and land movements. The software has been developed with an in-depth understanding of the unique and complex needs of the freight industry. Customs Clearance - Our comprehensive customs clearance,

Import & Export modules enable seamless connectivity through a variety of communities: CCS-UK, CNS, Destin8, NCTS, DOVER, Customs XML, HM Revenue & Customs EMAIL. Document Management - The software can produce endless

amounts of documents by creating user-defined documents to cater to your every need. Just some of the documents already included in the system. * Master AWB / House AWB * *

Bills of Lading. IATA AWB Labels with Barcodes

* Collection / Delivery Notes *

Invoices (Standard and Duty/VAT)

* Manifests * User-defined Documents PinPoint WMS - Our Warehouse & Coldstore Management

System is an easy-to-use software-based solution which allows you to keep control of warehouse and third-party stock in cold stores, general warehousing operations, palletised, racked, bulk, or loose store environments. The application suite is able to connect to email, EDI solutions

and blends seamlessly into Vixsoft’s Accounts, Transport and Freight Management Systems, providing a powerfully integrated solution. With powerful reporting and auto-charging options, Pinpoint WMS provides centralised control over all inventories. FreightFax TMS - Our Haulage & Transport Management

Solution has been developed to manage all areas of road haulage with ease. This is our latest innovation, with 25 years history of successful Freight Management Software delivery. Having researched and gained an in-depth understanding

of the challenges faced by the road transport industry, this product has been developed with the help of the transport industry leaders to address those challenges in an affordable and easy-to-use format that returns on investment by reducing administration costs through improved efficiency. Cloud Portals PinPoint Web - Portal allow your clients to interact with you

directly by allowing them access to an on-line cloud-based portal which they can view and query their stock and shipment information for themselves. This can be set-up to display live or scheduled transactions to suit your needs. Track & Trace Web – With Track & Trace Web your customers

get their own cloud-based portal showing the most accurate and up-to -date information.

Tel: +44 (0)1472 266 000 Email: sales@vixsoſ Web: www.vixsoſ

We’re one of the longest established freight software development companies, providing an end-to-end solution for a wide range of operators in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

• We offer a unique approach, as unique as each one of our

customers in fact. Our experienced team at Forward Computers work closely

with you to create the best solutions. We come from direct experience in the transport and logistics

sector, so we really look at the bigger picture making sure our software brings tangible benefits to the business wherever it is implemented.

• Our USP is us, our team and distinctly different approach. We understand that the sector is extremely dynamic,

increasingly high expectations from your customers to deliver goods quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. We know, the added complexity of Brexit means you need processes and systems that deliver.

• Our mission is to provide technology which helps

drive improvements across operations, processes, and communications.

Once you become a customer it’s just the start, we don’t stand

still. Our Account Management teams will regularly review your systems, provide free training and ensure you’re utilising the technology to its maximum.

• We understand technology is a big investment and it has to

work hard. We’re also proudly part of the Freight Software Group –

together with BoxTop Technologies and have a portfolio of over 300 customers.

Come and have a chat online, or in person and see how we can improve your business.

Tel: +44 (0) 115 938 0280 Email: Web:

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