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Exis Technologies, headquartered in Darlington, UK, has been the leading global supplier of IT compliance systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport for nearly 35 years. We are part of NCB Group, based in New York. NCB carry out physical cargo and vessel inspections. Together our not for profit mission is the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea. Hazcheck Systems We offer Hazcheck validation solutions for declared cargo for every link in the sea transport chain from shippers, logistics companies, freight forwarders and ports through to ferry operators (including 90% of the UK’s ROR ferry operators) and container lines (9 of the top 10). Hazcheck Online is a cost-effective way to help customers to ship

their DG quickly and efficiently against the IMDG Code, automatically checking stowage, segregation and packaging requirements and producing a dangerous goods note. Hazcheck Web Service allows companies to integrate DG regulations into their computer-based systems. Hazcheck Gateway is a powerful booking and management system for container lines. Hazcheck DGL Lite, is a free mobile app for those that need quick and

easy access to the IMDG Code information contained in the Dangerous Goods List. Available for iPhone and Android devices. eLearning courses Exis is also a leader in the provision of eLearning courses for the transport industry, supported by industry partners including TT Club, ICHCA and ITCO. • IMDG Code e-learning Amendment 40-20 is an online training

solution, developed in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization, for all shore based staff involved in the handling and transport of DG by sea. A range of courses is available from multimodal general awareness, to job-related function specific (including a Consignor/Freight Forwarder course), advanced and refresher. • CTUpack e-learning is a range of courses for the safe handling and

packing of CTUs. • Tank Container e-learning offers guidance on the safe operation of

tank containers In 2011 Exis developed the CINSnet hazardous good incidents

database with several of the top 20 lines. Since then we have also developed: Hazcheck Restrictions Portal - developed with several major

container line customers to help shippers share information about port DG prohibitions and restrictions. Container lines, ports and terminals can upload their DG handling policies and restrictions into the portal free of charge to help shippers, forwarders and others involved in the movement of goods. Hazcheck Detect - a new cargo screening solution launched in

2020, which scans all booking details for keywords, validates against rules and highlights suspicious bookings to identify misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods (DG) and compliance cargo. Maersk is the first customer. Hazcheck Inspections - a web-based database and access portal for

inspection companies to plan and enter details of cargo inspections completed on behalf of container or vessel operators. Regulatory data Exis supplies Amendment 40-20 Hazcheck data and sophisticated validation ‘Toolkits’ to integrate with existing computer-based systems. The toolkits can also be supplied as a web service to integrate with ERP systems for example, SAP and Oracle EBS. Additional transport regulations (ADR, RID, 49 CFR and TDG) are also available.

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DO YOU: Double key? Waste time? Have manual procedures? Use multiple systems? DO YOU WANT TO: Work smarter? Streamline? Improve productivity? Be able to work remotely? WE CAN: Improve your bottom line. Give you greater visibility. Provide an integrated suite. Automate procedures. Give you back time.

FREIGHT – CUSTOMS – WAREHOUSE – SUPPLY CHAIN MultiFreight Ltd is a leading soſtware company, providing international freight management solutions to the freight, shipping and logistics industry. Our solutions are fully integrated offering total supply chain management for: freight/project forwarders, NVOCC, ships and liner agents, customs clearance, 3PL, 4PL, couriers, logistics, transport, brokers and more. For years, we have worked with a team of industry experts and skilled developers to ensure that our soſtware is constantly updated in line with the newest technology, packing in feature-rich functionality that helps improve and streamline the many time-consuming processes required in freight operations. MultiFreight’s focus is simple: reduce complexity, increase efficiency and productivity. Easy to Use – System layouts are comprehensive and coherent. Operators can quickly learn how to use our systems to improve their daily tasks. No More Double Keying – is time-consuming, and causes errors, causing costly delays. Whether it’s converting a quotation to a booking or replicating bookings to create quicker repeat business. Or importing data from your customers double keying affects your business. We can help you stop this. Documentation – The documentation you present to your customers represents your company, and we understand how important this is. That’s why we offer complete template suites with your company/ industry logos, terms, and any other details you require. As all our documentation can be emailed directly from the system, this removes the need for pre-printed stationery – saving you costs and reducing the need for paper. Document Management – All documents we produce are stored for access at any time. We automatically attach Customs documents, C88s, etc. You can also attach external files (emails, POD, images, contracts and more), creating a paperless environment. Workflow & KPIs – Set system and operator milestones, events, and reminders. Ensure operators never miss deadlines. and your internal and customer KPIs are met. Rates & Tariffs – Create unlimited costs/sales tariffs that input rates automatically into quotations, bookings and consoles. The system calculates the rate based on the rules you specify relating to different parameters. Financials – Charge types, invoicing, purchase invoice matching and other operational finance processes are standard inbuilt functionality. Purchase and general ledger information can integrate with accounting systems such as Open Accounts, Sage, Xero and more. Digitalisation EDI & API – An automated interface between you, your customers and suppliers will help share data electronically and eradicate errors and facilitate faster data input and system responses. Industry Interfaces – We have several interfaces to industry gateways and service providers: CargoSmart, MCP-Destin8, CNS, CCS-UK, Descartes, Pentant, GT NEXUS, MANDATA and many others.

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CargoWise is a single source, deeply integrated, and truly global platform designed to meet the diverse needs of the logistics industry. Supporting customers wherever they operate along the supply chain by optimising processes across multiple modes of transport with greater compliance, greater predictability, and greater productivity. Whether you’re a small to medium-sized supply chain provider or manage a multinational freight forwarding operation, CargoWise’s highly flexible and feature-rich system delivers powerful productivity, streamlined operations, deep international compliance capabilities and comprehensive integration with global reach. Powerful productivity Data is entered once and made available across your entire operation in real time, delivering powerful automations through workflows and milestones, and giving you visibility to optimise processes and increase productivity. Streamlined operations From freight forwarding and customs compliance through to transport and warehouse management, the breadth and depth of CargoWise can be configured to your global supply chain. Streamlining operations from quotation through to customs declaration and inventory management in one end-to-end logistics execution platform. Compliance made easy CargoWise uses automated data workflows to help you stay up to date with evolving trade regulations, country specific filing formats and local customs requirements. Combined with comprehensive denied party screening lists, CargoWise helps ensure you are always operating within the law. True global reach Available in 160 countries and 30 languages, CargoWise’s deeply integrated soſtware interfaces to external parties, customers and other industry providers putting global connections within easy reach. CargoWise is a cloud-based soſtware platform that enables you to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage operations on one database across multiple users, functions, offices, and countries. With hundreds of features and enhancements yearly and on-demand, and transaction-based licensing, you only pay for the features you use. CargoWise offers truly global capabilities for a global industry, ready to grow with your company, and increase efficiency, visibility, and profitability at any size. Find out how CargoWise supports the top global freight forwarders and can help your business manage the complexities of global logistics by visiting

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