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Football The meeting heard that a football match played in torrential rain had cut up the pitch. Cllr Waring said he would have postponed the match, had he been made aware of the situation. Lockdown had since given the grass time to rest. Bollard A resident has requested a bollard on the grassed area outside Marshall’s Place to stop vehicles parking there and killing the grass. Cllr Hotson advised that the ownership of the land would have to be established. However, bollards could cause safety issues. A site visit would be carried out. Barriers The meeting heard that damaged metal/concrete barriers on Green Lane had not yet been repaired. The clerk conrmedKent Highways and work was programmed. Ditches The meeting heard that roadside hedges were being cut back, leaving debris in the ditches. Cllr Waring advised that if the ditches were over a metre from the road, it was up to the landowner to clear them. IT equipment To enable the parish council to meet via Zoom, three webcams and a subscription to Zoom had been purchased (as per the budget set at the July meeting). Cllr Eric Hotson’s member’s grant would be used for these purchases.


Crime report There had been no crimes of note. The PCSO was still receiving calls regarding speeding on Willington Street in the dip at the junction of Deringwood Drive, and also down Spot Lane. Speed checks would continue. There had been reports of bad parking. Any vehicles causing an obstruction would be moved. CCTV Following a request for CCTV footage from May, Cllr Weeks conrmed that recordings were kept for three months, before being deleted. Wildower planting The information obtained by Cllr Newton from Parks and Open Spaces was circulated to all. Members were advised to look at the Boston Seeds website, which had advice on sowing and maintenance. Olympicnic It was agreed to hire two bouncy castles and a gladiator duel (for older children). The cost would be approximately £280. Other items would be addressed closer to the time. Pumpkin trail Cllr Alden-Morris was congratulated on the success of her idea. Two organisers were thanked for their help.


Littering The clerk said there was no evidence of large scale littering along the Leeds Road, but it would continue to be monitored and reported where necessary.

Play area The wetpour surface by the infant slide in the play area had been repaired and the piece of equipment was back in operation. Noticeboards The perspex front panels in the two noticeboards in Grasslands and Turgis Close had been replaced. Planter The damaged planter at the entrance of the village hall car park had been removed. Traffic calming The clerk had spoken to Jennie Watson about options for traffic calming in Heath Road and Horseshoes Lane. It was advised that the best solution would be a speed indicator device, which could be moved periodically and raise the awareness of speed. It would cost £7-9,000 to buy and install. It was agreed to contact Jennie Watson to agree suitable locations and to ask Cllr Hotson whether a grant would be available from his member’s fund. Open spaces Cllr Woodcock continued to undertake a weekly inspection and the monthly Maidstone Borough Council inspection report was received. No new issues had been reported.


Salts Woods Ian Ellis and Andy Humphryes from Boughton Monchelsea Amenity Trust updated the meeting on plans for Salts Wood. The trust is applying for two grants, the woodland creation and carbon capture grant. The planting season is from October to February. The trust would need to order around 20,000 native cell trees once grant approval is received. They had gone out to tender for the contract and they had their preferred contractor. There would be paths around the eld, open to the public. The main entrance would be in Hubbards Lane. Well Street KCC had received a request for a stopping order in Well Street. Cllr Gibbons said the idea had been raised before and been unsuccessful with KCC Highways. It was agreed that the council could not support the project without more information. Playing eld During the rst lockdown it was noted that a local rm were using the car park of the KGV playing eld when it was closed. Staff at the school also use the car park during the day. It was agreed to ask both the school and the business not to use the car park as a staff car park. Auditor report The report had not yet been received. His agreement with the council nished at the end of the year. He would be able to do another two years for the council at a cost of £425 per visit (2021/2022 & 2022/2023). This is an increase of 6%. The council agreed to continue with the current internal auditor for the next two years.

Staplehurst Remembrance A one-minute silence was

held in remembrance of Barrett Manning, a former councillor and prominent resident of the parish. It was also agreed to make a donation of £100 to the Kent Air Ambulance in his name. Signs The revised quotation from MBC for the installation of the signage at Ashdown’s Walk and Doutrepont’s Walk was discussed and the increased costs explained. It was agreed to accept it. The Parade It was proposed to install galvanised steel angle irons to the brickwork at the Parade to protect the walls from damage by parking vehicles. The work would enhance property which did not belong to the council, but the Parade was a recognisable and well supported area of interest with residents. It was also noted that MBC had already undertaken repairs to the walls. Councillor Lain-Rose asked that the landlord be contacted to agree the works. It was agreed to spend £630, subject to the landlord’s approval. New planters Councillors considered a proposal for ower planters at each of the village’s eight gateways. Cllr Riordan said permission had been received from KCC to install them and the project would not attract any costs. He said the wood had been donated by Cllr Gartan. Cllr George said the bulbs and plants were being donated. Ongoing management and maintenance would be by the Greener Staplehurst Group. It was agreed that the planters be installed. Bus shelter The clerk said the investigation into MBC assuming responsibility for the new bus shelter on the southbound side of Station Road was progressing positively and indications were that MBC would adopt the shelter. Final conrmation was hoped to be brought to the next meeting. Puffin Crossing Work had now commenced on the puffin crossing in Marden Road, following council’s agreement for such works. Merit awards The headmistress of the school had been approached to present the junior merit award and Cllr Buller would present the adult award. Sponsorship of £300 had been received for the awards from a local business. S106 funds MBC was holding a Bovis contribution of £67,083.45 and a number of ideas had been brought forward for projects to spend these monies in line with the appropriate covenants. These included a new path in Surrenden Field to access the play area. Drainage issues Cllrs Bowden and Perry were thanked for their continued work in trying to help resolve the issues in Marden Road. The planning application regarding the removal of the hedge in Marden Road had been withdrawn pending engineering surveys and reports.

Sainsburys’ site The chairman had liaised with a resident and Sainsbury’s about some signicant concerns about the impact of construction works on a property adjoining the site.


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