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If your home isn’t working for you, you can get the help you need By Simon Symcox, founder of AHM Installations (

Home has become central to everyone’s lives during the pandemic, but for older or less abled people the suitability of their home is particularly important. Being able to get in and out of the house, move around safely, access the bathroom, cook and go to bed all affect our dignity and wellbeing. If you’re starting to recognise that you can’t do all of these things safely, it’s time to make some improvements. I’ve seen that people often don’t know where to start and, understandably, they worry about cost.

There is financial help available for people with a qualifying condition. It’s called the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) – a means-tested grant to make changes in the home to help less able people lead more independent lives. The maximum payment is £30,000. Search ‘DFG gov uk’ on the internet or call your local council for more details.

Grants aside, if you’re not sure what you need there’s a wonderful website I came across recently called Ask Sara ( You select what you have difficulty with and it gives you advice and solutions to make life easier. Of course, a reputable supplier could also do the same. You may have noticed some advertised in this magazine.

When it comes to the all-important bathroom, that’s my area of expertise. You might only need grab rails by your toilet, for example, or a bath that’s easier to get out of. Sometimes people worry that they need a full wet room, but often a less expensive low-level access shower will suffice.

There are all sorts of options to suit your budget. Find a supplier you trust who will help you understand what’s available. And it’s not only the big, recognised brands you see advertised in

Newnham Court Shopping Village Unit 11, Newnham Court Shopping Village, Bearsted Rd, Weavering, Maidstone ME14 5LH

the national newspapers that can help. In fact, they’re usually the most expensive. Smaller, specialist companies will take time to understand your needs and do what they can to help, whatever your budget.

That’s what I pride myself in doing. My wife Julie and I set up AHM Installations following her experiences in nursing and caring and my previous experience in the mobility industry. We guide our customers carefully through the installation of new bathroom equipment in their home. We hate to see people struggle and have learnt that no matter the budget or the situation, we can always find a solution.

Call our family-run team anytime on 07494 665844. We offer discounts for military veterans and, as part of our link with Alzheimer’s Society, for those with dementia.

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