News Covid police

KENT Police have revealed a spike in COVID-19 cases among its frontline officers. But

senior managers said

enough manpower was available to cope with demand. There were 73 positive cases for coronavirus in all ranks in November, the latest recorded data. Most positive test results were at constable level.

Crossing plan A REVISED planning application

is set to be submitted for the Lower Thames Crossing in April. Highways experts need to re-

solve some “technical issues” after pulling the original scheme in December, but executive direc- tor Matt Palmer said the project is still going ahead.

Crash injury

A PERSON was taken to hospital after a car overturned in Leeds village at 4.40pm on January 30. Emergency crews blocked off the B2163 between The Square and the entrance to Burberry lane. It is not thought the injuries

were serious.

‘Uphill battle’ against lockdown litter crisis

THE lockdown has seen a mas- sive increase in the amount of rubbish being thrown away on roads and country lanes in the borough. Trevor Walker, of Woodlands Road, Ditton, was so fed up with looking out of his window watch- ing the empty cans and bottles mount up he decided to do some- thing about it. The retired councillor managed

to fill an entire wheelie bin with rubbish on his walk near Ayles- ford train station. Mr Walker (64), pictured, said: “I understand it is annoying for some people that pubs and coffee shops are shut, but the amount of litter we are seeing in lockdown has definitely gone up. “It took me over four hours just to clear the road, and because there was so much I struggled to carry it all. We seem to be losing an uphill battle.”

Organisers said they noticed a reduction in sweet wrappers and takeaway wrappers due to schools being closed, but a big rise in discarded face masks. Leeds borough councillor Gill

Fort has regularly highlighted the issue of rubbish being thrown from cars as they are driven through the village, particularly waste from takeaway outlets. A litter pick is scheduled for

February 15, after concerns were raised with Leeds parish council that illegal dumping was again becoming a problem.

The council suggested that if

everyone could keep their house front clear, it would help to re- duce the issue. Previous litter picks have pro-

In Vinters Park, 11 residents

took part in a litter pick and col- lected a total of 17 bags of rubbish and fly-tipped waste.

duced dozens of bags of rubbish strewn on grass verges with parts of cars, such as wing mirrors, hubcaps and registration plates, among the most regular finds.

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