of your recycling program is to announce each month how many trees were saved, how many less cars on the road

and how much you reduced your CO2 emissions’ with the programs in place. Most employees will see the impact they are having on the environment, this will motivate them and they will continue recycling and find better ideas do so. Note that not all waste materials

can be recycled, some do end up in the landfill. It is also important to follow regulatory laws when disposing of hazardous materials.

Social Most

social projects are developed

by the HR department and team. They can implement projects in training and education, employees welfare and safety, social benefits, bonuses, working conditions, rules and regulations, cultural, donations to charities, and many others topics.

Economy The economy section of the sustainable development program usually falls under the finance department, sales department and or marketing team.

Governance The governance section of sustainable development oversees all other sections of the program. This falls under the management

team, shareholders,

presidents or VP and department heads. This is where the corporate goals are established. For implementing a sustainable

development program in your business, it is better to move forward slowly. In each axis, include 2-3 projects to work on. Establish timelines for each project to help advance each. If possible, establish budgets for each projects. During monthly management meetings, take the time to review each project in each section and review how each are advancing. When one project is completed, you can add more to the list. It is important to establish KPI’s and

follow the PDCA principles (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

projects that can be accomplished in a short time frame.

® Here are some ideas on

Sustainable Development Project Sample

Social • Because of the current situation with COVID 19, many holiday parties will not take place this year

• To show appreciation, plan a pizza lunch before the holidays • Make charitable donations to a local group in your area • Purchase gift cards for the employees. A little appreciation goes a long way.

Economy • Review costing matrix • Review pricing of items sold for 2021 • Review potential cost increases for 2021

Environment • Start a project in recycling paper and cardboard with the employees • A simple way to lower energy cost, it to ask the employees to turn off the lights and machinery in their sectors at the end of the day to save on electricity

Governance • Set goals and sustainable development projects for 2021 • Review marketing plan for 2021 • Review sales forecasts for 2021

Governance • Establish a sustainable development team

• New equipment (ROI) return on investment

• Customer service policies • Marketing plan

Environment • Recycling plan of cardboard and paper

• Reduction of energies (Electrical, gas etc.)

• Audit on waste materials going to the landfill

• Create policies, procedures and work instructions for recycling.

• Greener procurement plans with suppliers.

Social • Training & education programs • Rules and regulations • Donations to charities • Social benefits • Employees welfare and safety

Economy • Yearly budgets • Capital for new equipment • Loans or grants • Examples of simple KPI’s • Environment Social • Economy Governance

Each company will have to establish

their own KPI’s, projects, budgets and timelines for each item. Some will focus more on new equipment, employee training, and recycling program. It will all depend on the corporate goals established by the Governance. There is a lot of info on sustainable

development programs and templates on the Internet. (Google Search) to help you establish your sustainable development program. Please read the article in the October 2020 issue of INCAST magazine.

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