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Heat Treating Accreditation Awarded to Isostatic Toll Services Bilbao Sl

n 15 December 2020, Isostatic Toll Services Bilbao SL received NADCAP®

certification for Heat Treating, the global cooperative

accreditation program

that provides independent certification for manufacturing processes for the aerospace industry. With over 50 subscribers among the most relevant OEMs, the NADCAP® accreditation is the reference in developing industry-wide audit criteria for

special is processes indeed and a products,

and the cornerstone in quality supply surveillance and risk mitigation activity in the industry. “It


achievement to directly meet the stringent requirements of NADCAP® accreditation, whose credit

is shared

among all the people that with passion and competence made this possible; the US sister company, the manufacturer of

the HIP unit, specialized consultants, and our key

people on site”. One word among many: “teamwork,” commented Fernando del Val, Plant Manager in ITS Bilbao. ITS Bilbao, sister company of ITS Inc LLC Mississippi, is equipped with an

26 ❘ January 2021 ® the customers, our

AIP 52 unit, with a hot zone of Ø1115 x 2550 mm and maximum working pressure of 103 MPa. The investment for a second identical unit in Bilbao was already launched and will be into operation by October 2021. Besides NADCAP and the underlying ISO 9100, ITS Bilbao got special approval from Rolls Royce, ITP, Safran, and Pratt & Whitney. Honeywell Aerospace’s approval process is currently ongoing.

The unit can currently HIP

parts in Aluminum, Titanium, and Nickel alloys up to 1250°C. ITS is a privately owned company

whose long-term strategy is to deploy a solid and widespread network of service centres for big-size toll HIPing. “HIP is our core competence. Through our special relationships with AIP Inc, we master the complete process: from design to operate HIP units. Nobody else on the planet can combine U2/ U3 stamp and NADCAP. We are keen to follow ambitions, both in terms of geographical coverage and Hot Zone size. When there is a solid business plan, we are ready to invest.” Currently, the group has plants in Oregon, Mississippi, Ohio, and Spain.



ITS is a sister company of American Isostatic Presses (AIP) which has been in business since 1991 supplying companies all over the world with both hot and cold isostatic pressing units. As a company, ITS has the unique advantage of gaining all the industry’s technological improvements from AIP as well as having its equipment maintained by people and engineers who have been in the HIP business for over 30 years.

Why HIPing? Simple In Concept, Complex In Practice

Combination of plastic deformation temperature and pressure sealing is a complex and potentially dangerous formula. But indeed, a dream-come-true for metallurgists all over the planet. Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIPing) was

first developed in Columbus Ohio (USA) for the fabrication of nuclear fuel for US Navy and still used for this purpose 60

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