UK central government, we have worked with devolved adminis- trations to improve services and reduce costs. Fujitsu has imple- mented the Northern Ireland Causeway system that has become fundamental to the continu- ing modernisation and reform of criminal justice in Northern Ireland, allowing for seamless data transfer between organisations involved in the criminal justice system, providing timely informa- tion and ultimately allowing for faster sentencing.

and digital transformation that has helped to revolutionise public services, re-imagine the way that we interact with the state and en- sured the reliable delivery of critical national infrastructure. We have over 40 years of experi-

ence in the UK as a strategic part- ner of both central and devolved government, particularly in tax, trade, defence and public protec- tion. Fujitsu is committed to deliv- ering radical change and working with our customers to help them achieve digital transformation suc- cessfully.

Throughout this year as the Cov- id-19 pandemic brought significant challenges and disruption to all of our lives and the way we do busi- ness, Fujitsu was called upon to support our partners and govern- ments to keep vital infrastructure and services running through the

most challenging of circumstances. In unprecedented times, we were able to support all of our trusted partners and customers in adapt- ing to changing requirements. We supported HMRC through Covid-19 by shifting 65,000 staff to home working. We also worked with domestic abuse charities to deal with an increasing demand through lockdown in collaboration with the Home Office. Drawing on our global reach, we utilised the amazing innovations that Fujitsu has developed around the world. Fujitsu’s quantum inspired Digital Annealer and drug discovery platform significantly increased the speed of identifying therapeu- tic drugs for Covid-19. Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, helped test the effectiveness of facemasks and visors as protective measures against Covid. As well as working with the

In Scotland, Fujitsu has a long history of working in the public and private sector, having worked with a leading Scottish financial institution for more than 20 years to provide managed workplace solutions, more recently trans- forming the desktop and work- place to allow a more flexible way of working while also using Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired Digital Annealer to solve highly complex financial risk problems. Tis year, Fujitsu supported that major finan- cial institution based in Scotland to move 45,000 more people to remote working, allowing them to provide uninterrupted service, so they could help those in financial need. Fujitsu also built a brand new virtual robotic service that helped that customer cope with a huge rise in mortgage holiday service requests. It was scaled in just two days, allowing them to deploy hundreds of RPA bots and clear thousands of requests. Fujitsu are also strategic part-

ners of both Scottish Financial Enterprise and FinTech Scotland, leading innovation workstreams in conjunction with some of the lead- ing Financial Services institutions and industries that support them throughout Scotland. Our presence in Scotland is

growing, led by Michael Mooney and our Devolved Government team in Scotland. Te Scottish Government and Local Authori- ties recently entrusted Fujitsu and our partners Idox with the task of supporting the electronic vote counting of votes at local elections in May 2022 and beyond. Tis work will include the provision of software infrastructure, the print- ing and distribution of all ballot

papers, counting and results, as well as training and support needs for each local authority to ensure that the fundamental principles of democracy at the heart of govern- ment are upheld. Recent events in the USA show how crucial it is to show that our voting systems are completely trustworthy, and Fujitsu are proud to be supplying this service to the Scottish Govern- ment. Digital transformation projects

in the public sector provide added value for all of us, and that’s at the core of Fujitsu’s purpose and aspirations. Tis will be a fantas- tic opportunity to work with the Scottish Government and local au- thorities to showcase the positive impact technology and innovation can have for the people of Scotland by streamlining and improving processes.

The Scottish Government has shown the way by investing in Scotland’s digital future. Scotland has huge potential in the digital world and the ambitions and drive of the Scottish Government to realise this potential is loud and clear. Fujitsu is ready to support the Scottish Government and organisations across Scotland in using the power of technology to achieve real digital transformation that can help Scotland recover from Covid-19 and thrive in the digital future. Fujitsu is a company built on our

people, and on the partnerships we’ve developed with custom- ers over the decades. In Japan, throughout the world, in the UK and in Scotland we continue to build those partnerships for our future. Working together is helping us cope with Covid, and work- ing together will help us recover. Scotland will build back better. And Fujitsu will be there for our customers and for Scotland. l

For more information about how Fujitsu are building partnerships in Scotland, contact

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