Boosting the taste, stability and shelf-life of probiotic supplements


üdzucker Group company BENEO, a specialist in pharmaceutical-grade excipients, is now promoting its galenIQ 721 additive for probiotic supplements, an agglomerated form of the company’s pharmaceutical- grade Isomalt.

Probiotic supplements are increasingly being used to support consumers’ gut flora, and a broad range of capsules, tablets and powder blends containing probiotic cultures is now available. However, the microorganisms within these dosage forms are very fragile. If exposed to excess moisture, heat or pressure, they

Pharmaceutical-grade excipients specialist BENEO is now promoting its galenIQ 721 product as a stability additive for probiotic supplements.

lose their beneficial effects which means that an efficient carrier excipient needs to be employed. BENEO says that according to scientific evidence, galenIQ 721

Biesterfeld receives

additional distribution rights for Dymax light-curing adhesives in Eastern Europe

Biesterfeld Spezialchemie and US manufacturer Dymax are extending their distribution partnership for light-curing adhesives, casting compounds and conformal coatings, which are primarily used in medical technology, industry and electronics. The products have been distributed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Baltic states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2018. Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria have now been added to the distribution area.

The portfolio includes the temporary maskants from the SpeedMask product line, which are characterized by rapid curing under UV light. They are used for masking electronic components prior to protective coating or soldering and are also used for surface preparation in the aviation


industry, metal processing and medical technology including in orthopaedic implants and surgical instruments.

The light-curing adhesives in the DualCure range also form part of the portfolio. Designed for bonding plastics and metals, the products have a dual curing mechanism: the adhesive cures in seconds under UV light and also offers the possibility of secondary moisture curing for shadow areas.

Dymax Medical Device Adhesives are also part of the UV-curing adhesives portfolio. Formulated for disposable medical products, they enable the fixation of needles in syringes and the production of catheters or wearables, which are used, for example, for continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels.

can be used to compact probiotic microorganisms into a tablet form and that by requiring only low compression forces, mechanical stress on cultures can be alleviated.

In addition, stability studies in powder mixtures with Lactobacillus rhamnosus have confirmed that galenIQ 721 is a suitable carrier. Furthermore, BENEO’s excipient has a sugar-like taste, a smooth mouth feel and can enhance the palatability of the final supplement. galenIQ is available in a wide variety of median particle sizes, morphologies and solubilities and is readily used in solid and liquid dosage forms such as tablets, sachets, effervescents, lozenges and syrups. It is physically and chemically stable, non-hygroscopic and enhances the palatability of the final dosage form.

Brenntag restructures with new operating model

Industrial chemicals and ingredients distributor Brenntag is introducing a new operating model from January 1, 2021 in which the company will be steered in two global divisions with a strong focus on customer and supplier needs, namely Brenntag Essentials and Brenntag Specialties, giving the company a distinct market approach. The new operating model is a core element of its ‘Project Brenntag’ transformation programme, which it says aims to set the base for sustainable organic earnings growth in a rapidly changing global market environment. Full- line chemical and ingredients distribution will remain the core of Brenntag’s business model while the two new divisions will enable the company to better leverage its strengths while sharpening its profile towards relevant industry segments.

Christian Kohlpaintner, Brenntag Group CEO, stated: “We are in a leading position globally and have a resilient business model. However, the requirements of our business

partners and industry change. By setting up two global champions with a differentiated steering approach and addressing the various diverse markets needs and expectations, we are developing our company to lead our industry as a preferred partner for customers and suppliers.”

Brenntag Essentials will market a broad portfolio of process chemicals across a wide range of industries and applications. The division will leverage scale with flexible and cost-efficient delivery at competitive prices and a highly efficient business process backend building on its global reach and product portfolio following a geographic and regional logic. Brenntag Specialties will focus on ingredients and value-added services that are directly used in the production of customers’ end-products focusing on selected industries: Nutrition, Pharma, Personal Care / HI&I (Home, Industrial & Institutional), Material Science, Water Treatment and Lubricants.

Autumn 2020

‘Helping Hands’: BASF donates 40,000 litres of hand sanitizer to UNHCR


ASF is supplying 40,000 litres of hand sanitizer produced as part of the Helping Hands initiative

at the company’s Ludwigshafen site to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) free of charge. “By doing this, we want to support the organization in the important fight against COVID-19 in refugee camps all over the world. The conditions there make it easy for the virus to spread. We are glad that we have been able to help improve the situation, in particular in health care in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and beyond, with our Helping Hands initiative. The refugee camps, including those

in the Congo, are now among the global hotspots of the pandemic,” said Michael Heinz, Site Director and member of the Board of Executive Directors at BASF SE. BASF is supplying the total quantity of 40,000 litres in small canisters that can be used on-site quickly and easily. UNHCR selects the refugee camps, GP practices and medical centres, clinics, schools, community centres and registration centres in the Republic of the Congo, and delivers the hand sanitizer there. BASF initiated the Helping Hands campaign in March 2020 due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic and gradually expanded it.

Industry News

LANXESS plans to expand capacity for oxone monopersulfate

Due to continuous strong demand for disinfectants, speciality chemicals company LANXESS is planning to expand its production capacity for oxone monopersulfate by about 50 per cent and is planning to invest a lower double-digit million euro sum in its production facility in Memphis, USA.

LANXESS uses Oxone

monopersulfate as the main active ingredient in many of its Virkon and Rely+On disinfection products. The company says demand for these products has increased significantly in recent months due to, amongst others, the outbreak of African swine fever as well as the corona pandemic. LANXESS also sells oxone as a powerful oxidizing agent for numerous other applications. The capacity expansion is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.

Last preparations for the transport of the hand sanitizer donation to UNHCR (from right to left): Michael Heinz, Site Director and Member of the Board of Executive Directors at BASF SE; Christoph Jäkel, Vice President Corporate Sustainability and Social Engagement BASF SE; and Jan-Peter Mittwollen, Vice President and Project Lead Helping Hands Sanitizers BASF SE.

“Disinfection products are important growth drivers in our highly profitable Consumer Protection segment. We expect a sustainable high level of demand even after the corona pandemic,” said Matthias Zachert, Chairman of the LANXESS Board of Management. LANXESS is also seeing growing demand for oxone in the water treatment sector as well as from the

Azelis extends Solvay mandate for European pharmaceutical markets

Speciality chemicals and food ingredients distributor Azelis has extended its long- standing partnership with global advanced materials and speciality chemicals company Solvay. The extension covers the distribution of Solvay’s range of sodium docusate and poloxamer excipients in the EU. The products

Autumn 2020

covered by the agreement are from Solvay’s Novecare business unit, which manufactures speciality surfactants and formulations for the agriculture, pharmaceuticals, coatings, home and personal care, and oil and gas sectors.

The products include sodium docusate excipients,which are

efficient emulsifiers, wetting, dispersing and solubilizing agents effective in various formulations, including as dispersing agents for tablet manufacturing, liquid or gel suspensions; in effervescing tablets; and as emulsifiers for creams and gels. Sodium docusate also gives a low order of toxicity and is stable and

compatible with a wide range of pharmacologically active drugs. Also included is Poloxamer

407, sold under the brand name of Antarox F 127, which can be used as a thickening agent and gel-former in topical formulations, as well as a solubilizer in solid dosage forms or as a mouthwash emulsifier.


LANXESS is seeing increased demand for oxone products in the water treatment sector, one example being to clean swimming pool water, thereby reducing the use of chlorine. (Photo: Adobestock image)

electronics and paper industries. Oxone is used to clean pool water, thereby reducing the use of chlorine. In the electronics industry, it is applied to prepare surfaces within the production process of printed circuit boards. Paper manufacturers use it to effectively break down paper products containing wet strength resins during paper reprocessing. In addition, oxone is a primary component of denture cleansers. LANXESS says demand in these industries is growing, not least because regulatory requirements are becoming stricter and customers increasingly prefer chlorine-free oxidation solutions.

(Photo from shutterstock © fizkes)

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