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Edelmetale Metale te cmuar   Metal preziatu Dragoceni me

uak k m tali

Metalls preciosos Bililhon nga Mga Metals Zitsulo Zamt

 Me

Drag Dr

m engo Wap

M tat lli Preziosi D

D ahé kovy Væ

a ocjeni metali

Værdifulde mettallller K

Kostbare mettalen Alttvaloraj Metaloj Väärismetallid Maha agan

Jalomettallit Métaux Précieu

esy ye k

Edelmetalen Metais preciosos Edellmetallle Metali pre K rf

em mesfémek

Dýrrmæt mál    L

Metals Log Metay

 Me

nob liis me 

Be ám Logam B har a

Metat lli preziosi 貴金属

gam yên hêja

n bi m talli    Tauaurieji met Me a y

M taly sarrob Loga

  Meta

Edelmeta Drog

 

Me ara Rar Ede me allller Drogocen M taisMet 

e alai o idy

Logam Berrharga 

 araemi

enne metale

s preciosos  

O Me oM ttotia Taua Meata

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Plemeniti e ko Bi

B rta Qaalig M

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   Qimm b ho

   M

2 Metelau Gwertht fawr

matbah meta lar w

etal Iintsimbi ezixabisekili eyo or

Once precious metals catalysts reach their end of life, the final equation to be solved is their retained precious metal content. To do so, it is crucial to obtain accurate weights, truly representative samples and the highest quality of laboratory assay. This takes highly-skilled people, precisely calibrated equipment, and time-tested methodologies, but most of all … the Expertise to get it done right. Trust your precious metals to the team with over 75 years invested in just this type of Expertise … the Sabin Metal Group of companies.

It doesn’t matter what you know, until you know what matters.


     Berha ga

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Karfe ma daai darajja     Lu


Lub Neej Zoo Nkauj Ne

his year will create lasting change in how people live their lives, meaning companies need to be rethinking both their platform and messaging. When I started CKH 3 years ago, the world was

a very different place. As publishers and marketers, we pride ourselves on our ability to be agile when challenges come our way, understanding our customers’ needs as they change and adapting our approach accordingly. The ‘new normal’ is a term that has been often used to describe the seismic shift in the way we work that has taken place over the past 8 months. However, I don’t believe this is a temporary adjustment. In future, I believe events will be a hybrid of virtual and physical elements, combining the reach and cost saving that digital events provide, with the human connection you can truly achieve only through in-person events. Last month we partnered with CPhI Festival of Pharma. Reflecting this partnership this issue offers insights into their first CPhI virtual event.

Like many other industries around the world, there has been a huge upturn in online events. The shift to digital has been accelerated by Covid-19 and it is there to stay. From a marketing perspective, this means that there is a clear need and opportunity to take a digital-first approach to marketing – something we are able to offer

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been an incredibly challenging period in all of our lives. For companies a ‘business as usual’ approach is no longer an option. We have been listening and adapting and we can create campaigns that speak authentically to the industry and stand the test of time as we move into the ‘next normal’. As we near the end of our third year of publication, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support – especially our wonderful sponsors and advertisers, and our editorial contributors. We’ve had some really terrific feedback on the new digital platform and Internet TV channel, and I hope you enjoy this issue too.”


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