CPhI Festival of Pharma: What’s new in ingredients?

As well as equipment, the ongoing CPhI Festival of Pharma has a number of innovations on show in its New Product Gallery, ranging from specific therapies to excipients, probiotics and many others.


reek pharma manufacturer Anfarm has multiple new products. Among these, daptomycin is an antibacterial (cyclic lipopeptide natural product) that is active against gram- positive bacteria, notably complicated skin and soft-tissue infections and right-sided infective endocarditis due to S. aureus. Lacosamide is a functionalised amino acid from the antiepileptics

group. In vitro electrophysiological studies have shown that it selectively enhances the slow inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channels, resulting in stabilisation of hyperexcitable neuronal membranes. It can be used as monotherapy or an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial-onset seizures, with or without secondary generalisation. Tigecycline is a (generally) bacteriostatic glycylcycline antibiotic, which inhibits protein translation in bacteria by binding to the

30S ribosomal sub-unit and the blocking entry of amino-acyl tRNA molecules into the A site of the ribosome. This prevents the incorporation of amino acid residues into elongating peptide chains, the company says. Finally, linezolid is a synthetic antibacterial agent from the oxazolidinones group, with in vitro activity against aerobic gram- positive bacteria and anaerobic micro-organisms. It selectively inhibits bacterial protein synthesis via a unique mechanism of action (MoA), according to Anfarm. Indications include nosocomial pneumonia, community-acquired pneumonia, and complicated skin and soft tissue infections.

There are also multiple novelties on show from SPI Pharma of

India, which makes antacid actives, excipients, drug delivery systems for tablets and powders, taste-masked actives and vaccine adjuvants.

Probiotical Laboratoria Natury 8 Autumn 2020

Among these are two excipients in the Mannogem range, which are both aimed at addressing some of the common challenges of formulating with mannitol. Mannogem XL Opal is designed for use as a base for mixing with micronised APIs and low-dose formulations in dosage forms like oral dosage tablets, chewable tablets and soft chews. It is said to offer better binding properties and ‘tabletability’ than standard mannitol, as well as quick disintegration and pleasant organoleptics, thus aiding patient adherence. Meanwhile, Mannogem XL Ruby is a granular mannitol that is also said to have excellent tabletability and superior overall performance over traditional 300 µm granular mannitol and other common excipients. SPI says that it is ideal for use with pressure-sensitive, taste-masked APIs and makes it possible to develop drugs that can be taken without water for vulnerable populations and children. Italy’s Probiotical, the world’s first dedicated producer of probiotic microorganisms for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, had two new products on show. Bifizen is a probiotic combination of four strains selected for complementary MoA to benefit the gut-brain axis that is now available in a range of five food supplements. Trials over six weeks in healthy students showed significant benefits in depressive mood, anger, fatigue and quality of sleep, even after three weeks’ withdrawal. Meanwhile, Bifivir is a synbiotic food supplement based on five different probiotic strains, whose MoAs include antagonism towards pathogens and activating an immunosurveillance response. Following clinical trials over three winters, the company says that daily use can lead to a significant reduction in the prevalence, severity and duration of respiratory tract infections and influenza-like illnesses, including flu itself

Autumn 2020

In the same field, Laboratoria Natury, a Polish CMO for food supplements, special medical foods and functional drinks, is launching a new ‘chocolate-like’ probiotic. This combines two supported strains, L. acidophilus and B. lactis, with active inulin fibres from native chicory on a dairy/coconut base.

The new probiotic is said to be stable at ambient temperatures, with no added sugars or GMOs, natural colours and flavours, and both kosher and halal. It is targeted at daily-use formulae to appeal to children as well as adults. Natury’s LLP, meanwhile, is described as “a novel technology that ensures long life probiotic in an edible, flavourful, chewy supplement [with] high stability performance in room temperature up to 24 months at 25°C”. It aims to help restore the balance of the gastrointestinal flora and to support the immune system and the upper respiratory tract, including during and after antibiotic therapy. Apiherbal and Orescanin, which both specialise in herbal medical products for the treatment of various condition, have combined to launch Bioapigyn ointment for pelvic muscle treatment. This is said to be unique in being a specific local treatment of urinary incontinence in women arising from multiple causes. It is also claimed to improve sexual satisfaction and desire in menopausal and post-menopausal women, and relieve vaginal dryness and other symptoms of oestrogen deficiency. Finally, excipient manufacturer Sigachi is using the event to

launch Baretab PH, a high-functionality homogeneous compound for direct compression formulations that is made up of binder, glidant, disintegrant and lubricant. Because it is co-processed, the company claims, it is “superior in flowability, compaction, lubricity, disintegration, stability and content uniformity”, as well as offering high productivity at lower cost.


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