IRELAND\\\ Job market stages strong recovery from Covid

The job market has recovered signifi cantly since 29 June when the Irish government fi rst started to ease Covid restrictions was implemented, writes Garvan Cerasi,

managing director at

Dublin-based agent Logiskills. Thankfully, we have seen an almost 300% increase in job bookings as the industry focuses on recovery and growth. Many forwarding and

logistics clients remained busy throughout the lockdown as multinational output remained strong with ongoing movements of

has recovered slightly, the shipping lines are still operating at a reduced capacity which is driving rates higher than normal for this time of year. While Covid initially disrupted

raw materials and fi nished

product via ocean freight the most resilient. Airfreight capacity was obviously greatly reduced with airlines grounding fl eets, so those remaining were busy moving PPE globally at eye- watering rates. Whilst airline cargo capacity

company operations, the quick rollout and adoption of working from home protocols allowed key workers to continue to function normally. Workplaces are now a blend of onsite and remote workers as corporate headquarters determine staff allocation, with some operating at 25-50% depending on space available. Initially, recruitment was

limited to key personnel as online interviewing and onboarding proved problematic. Companies have now though implemented the resources and technology to eff ectively hire as they would under normal circumstances.

On a positive note, companies are now creating remote roles thus benefi ting from a larger pool of potential employees as the geographic and transportation limitations are removed. Whilst working from home has

oſt en been a welcome optional alternative to on site working, when it became mandatory many individuals reported challenges in having an appropriate work space and a decent broadband speed. Many also reported they were working longer hours, missed the companionship of their colleagues, felt distanced from their teams and were at times overwhelmed by the number of online video calls that they had to join every day. Companies have been busy

trying to counter some of these issues with many sending giſt baskets, having daily ‘traffi c light’

check-ins on their employees’ mental wellbeing, scheduling one to one counselling when required and creating online team building social events to keep colleagues connected and engaged. Now, the biggest challenges the

facing industry related to Brexit with

are all supply

chain disruptions, traffi c delays, customs formalities and falling demand for exports due to tariff s all a concern. We have noticed a signifi cant

demand for customs brokers as clients look to build and train customs clearance teams before the 31 December deadline. With many now planning for a no deal scenario, the industry could require approximately 2,000 new customs brokers to deal with an increase in declarations from 1.5m to over 20m. With processing times estimated at

between 3.75 minutes to 11.25 minutes, depending on whether it is a simplifi ed or complex declaration, there is very real potential for processing delays. The challenges of further

Covid restrictions, Brexit and the likelihood of a recession are keeping many awake at night. It’s logical to expect that some companies won’t survive the challenge and we may see some merger and acquisition activity by mid-2021. However, the

Issue 7 2020 - FBJ Ireland


industry remains resilient and solving challenges is at the core of what we do. The government has been

consistently active in promoting Brexit readiness amongst traders. Its latest off ering is the Brexit Readiness Action Plan which supports and promotes the necessary preparations for the

substantial and enduring

changes that will arise at the end of the transition period. A ‘Ready for Customs’ grant

of up to €9,000 is available for each new full-time employee engaged in customs work which will contribute towards the recruitment costs, employee costs and provision of IT infrastructure. In addition, the

‘Clear Customs’ virtual

training programme is being delivered in partnership with Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and CILT Skillnet. The free Clear

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