surreptitiously at work as they try to force us away from our essential cars. Peter Birch, Maidstone

Garden bonres are back

OUT of respect for neighbours locked in at home due to Covid-19, very dry land after hot periods and guaranteeing we would not be responsible for calling out remen, we held back on garden bonres.

But not all garden rubbish ts in council bins, and we must now resume autumn bonres. I know there are opponents of bonres, but if conducted legally they are occasionally essential for many gardeners. Norman Best, Bearsted

Buskers not real issue here

HAVING read your piece about the buskers in the town centre, I have some support for the council’s position. Too many buskers in Kent’s towns

have limited ability, make a terrible racket and have a repertoire of just a few songs that anyone living or working nearby must feel like they are being tortured.

To be honest, the chap in your picture is not an offender, at all.

The council must realise that these guys are providing a bit of colour and atmosphere to the streets of the town centre, which are barren enough after months of lockdown and retail closures. Perhaps Maidstone Borough Council could turn its attention and energy to the slightly more worrying prospect of 34,000 new houses being plonked here by a Government which does not seem to care what the damage will be or the consequences for Kent. J Kyle, via email

Have you heard the owls?

PERHAPS your readers can help me out. I cannot remember the number of times that I have heard tawny owls calling to

Picture: RSPB

one another at evening time. This is not just in the Langley area, where I go walking, but literally everywhere I have been out for evening walks in the borough and into the Weald. Have your readers had the same experience?

B Robinson, via email

Out of love with badgers ARE there other areas of Maidstone as well as East Farleigh suffering a plague of badgers this year?

These nocturnal creatures are damaging fencing, tearing up shrubs and digging big holes (often in lawns) to get at bee nests and worms. In my young life I loved badgers. Not now. Peter Dean, Maidstone

New road to solve Stack

AFTER ve years of chaos, the Government is still ignoring the suggestions which were put forward back in 2015 to solve the problems created by Operation Stack.

If this is not taken seriously soon, not only Kent but the entire country will be

THIS is what Downs Mail readers said on our Facebook page about a brand new science school run by the Valley Invicta Academies’ Trust (VIAT) which has just opened its doors in Maidstone…

Dave Elsworth: I wish every good fortune to the staff and pupils, I believe we need more of this type of school. I just wish the building wasn’t so damned ugly and depress- ing looking. I thought it was going to be another hospi- tal/prison or warehouse when it first went up.

Leslie Ethridge: We should be very thankful that we have a school like this in


in turmoil! Our economy is already suffering due to the effects of Covid-19, and poor roadways and government management are not helping the situation. I put forward a solution which

involves building a new dual carriageway running via lter lanes from Ashford to Maidstone, including two holding areas. This road would also have customs clearance check points on both sides easing some pressure. At usual times, this would run as a normal road. However, when there are issues at the docks or Eurotunnel causing delays, this new road would be closed off to general traffic and lorries would be directed on to this road to queue, leaving the M20 clear to run as normal. It will also serve a great purpose at any time the M20 is closed due to roadworks or accidents, keeping the nearby villages free of unnecessary traffic. I understand that there is a “temporary” customs point/lorry holding area currently under construction in Ashford which has popped up overnight. Has anyone thought that this could easily become a breeding ground for Covid-19, with homes, a hospital and hospice all in close proximity to the current site? This is believed to be 27 acres. Have they taken in to account the space required to maintain social distancing? This could mean that 27 could very quickly become just 14. If this new road were to be built, this would not only keep the extra traffic and pollution away from built up areas but, with 40 miles of road available, along with two holding areas, social distancing won’t be an issue. It would also safeguard the public if there were any serious incidents involving these vehicles.

Our rapidly rising traffic ow will soon become impossible if something constructive is not put in place to support the M20. What we need is a campaign to get things moving ... before it is too late. Brian Marchant, via email

Maidstone. Hopefully, they will concentrate on producing youngsters for these two spe- cialisations. We need more scientists, medics, and engineers in this country. The students who go to this school should be proud that they have been selected. Well done to you all.

Jacqueline Anne: The parking in Grove Green/Weavering Estate this morning was horren- dous.

Louise Bromilow: Good luck to them all on their first day.

Richard Camp: Wait for Snowfield Academy. Gridlock.


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