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Family Funeral Service brings its personal service to Headcorn FAMILY Funeral Service has opened a new base in Headcorn, offering its friendly service to even more people across the Maidstone area.

The family owned, and family run business offers a personalised approach, with the option of home visits and access to a friendly voice at the end of the telephone 24 hours a day. Already operating out of Bearsted, Family Funeral Service is run by Michael Lawrence, along with Kim at Bearsted, Rick at Barming and Jo at Headcorn - the team behind the third-generation business

Funeral Planner Of The Year 2018 South East London Region Winner

4 Cavendish Way, Ashford Road, Bearsted, Maidstone ME15 8PW

01622 920305 Daniel Bennett Head of Family team

The title of this article may conjure an image of cold, troubled waters with potential dangers above and below the surface. If this is a prospect facing you then look to get sensible support from the outset to help you manage the turmoil.

Below are some pointers to consider

• It may not be too late to repair the damage. Lots of organisations offer support and guidance on practical issues people face when threatened with separation. Relate Counselling can help identify if a relationship can be repaired or guide them to come to terms with the loss of their union. If reconciliation is not possible, a specialist family lawyer is the next point of call.

• Explore the alternative dispute resolution opportunities like mediation or collaborative

that has been helping families in the area for 40 years. Michael Lawrence said: “We are pleased our

branch in Headcorn High Street is now open. We’ve worked hard to ensure the premises is sympathetic to the village conservation area, with help from Nick Prior, at Woodland Carpentry, and provides a comfortable environment in which people can relax and talk through their needs. “Jo will be our lady on hand to help

families looking to arrange a fitting tribute for their loved ones. I will also be there daily to meet families and help with their requirements and wishes.” To meet his new business commitment,

Michael has recently moved to Headcorn. He added: “The loss of a loved one is never easy to cope with, and the added stress of making arrangements can often bring further emotional upset. With our experience of

01622 920306 Find us at:

59 High Street, Headcorn TN27 9QA

processes. If emotions are running high, taking a step back can regain the ability to think more clearly. Taking time to reflect and acting rationally can avoid lots of anguish. Many people regret actions/words spoken in the heat of the moment but the damage done remains.

• Think carefully about the consequences of acting irresponsibly, especially when it relates to your children or to money. Children are very vulnerable when parents separate, they need to know both parents love them and will continue to be there. Financial pressures can lead to relationship problems. Running two households will only compound any financial pressures.

• When one person leaves the family home, they rarely take all their belongings with them at once. Sensible arrangements need to be agreed to allow them to return for their remaining items. Joint items within the home should be preserved until an agreement can be reached on a fair distribution.

Canterbury 01227 643266 Maidstone 01622 698051

Tenterden 01580 767540

Whitehead Monckton Ltd (no.08366029) registered in England & Wales. Registered office 72 King Street, Maidstone Kent ME14 1BL. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under no. 608279

Whitehead Monckton Ltd (no.08366029) registered in England & Wales. Registered office 5 Eclipse Park. Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 3EN. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under no. 608279

16 Family Funeral Service brings its personal service to Headcorn

making funeral arrangements we have learned how to help families have and be part of a meaningful service that celebrates life. “Our approach is simple. We sit with you in

our office or your home, taking you slowly and methodically through the various decisions that you will face and the options available to you. Sometimes, it’s just good to sit and talk to someone with experience and compassion before making a decision.” Contact Family Funerals on Bearsted 01622 920305 or in Headcorn on 01622 920306.

Marlborough Parade, 6 Beverley Road, Maidstone ME16 9JN

01622 920300 Relationship on the Rocks

• The person that leaves is often a co-owner of the family home. The absent person is still bound by their responsibilities to mortgage lenders and should ensure that the home and contents remain protected by insurance. The leaving party continues to have rights to enter, ideally on giving reasonable notice.

• Analyse your financial resources to work out how they can meet everyone’s needs. Drawing up a priority list of what you and your estranged partner/spouse need is important. Enquiring what help is available in the form of benefits will also assist in continuing to meet the family’s budget.

• Taking early advice can help you steer a safer course through the dilemmas that separation brings. Try to preserve some respect for the other person no matter how difficult the situation. Talk to one of the specialist family team at Whitehead Monckton who have a wealth of experience in these matters.

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