There was a strong suggestion that those who did not create any rules logged into the app more frequently than those who did.

Along with greater reassurance many App users also reported they were better able to provide care and support with the new information provided.

Supporting Carers

Great product. Great service. Completely reassured me being able to check mum was OK. I felt in control of being to ensure she well and safe.

The changes included visiting at more suitable times, reducing the number of “checking” phone calls to even checking the user was downstairs before knocking on the door to avoid the risk of falling on the stairs.

They also noted that Memo was particularly useful during Covid when visits to releatives stopped or significantly reduced.

Some subscribers also noted that it ensured they could balance work and caring responsibilities better and avoid any impact on their work. One person shared how she could check Mum was OK by using the app whilst at work.

A number of subscribers also provided examples of preventative actions that were taken as a result of the Memo service. These included calling Mum after the subscriber realised she had not gone to bed as usaul and finding she was feeling unwell and possibley dehydrated.


Dad likes idea that if anything were to happen overnight, I would be alerted to his not getting up in the morning rather than in the evening when he always speaks to a family member by phone. That would allow me to check up on him or seek further assitance earlier.

In a second example a user was attacked in his home during the night. It was identified shortly after that he was spending more time awake at night time and his daily activity was different. It was suggested that he had become very anxious after the attack.An early intervention from a Mental Health professional provided counselling and reassurance. After two weeks and some support from his sister his sleeping and daily patterns returned to normal.

Finally, at the end of the six-week study over 90% of App subscribers said they would be happy to recommend the service to friends and family.

Over 39% wished to continue with the service and 30% wanted more information before making a decision. Of the No group a number said it was no longer relevant due to changes in needs.


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