The insight derived from data is displayed to both family members via the Memo App and to professionals via the Memo Dashboard. Personalised alerts created by subscribers as well as Smart (automated) alerts created by the Memo platform can be sent to both the App and Dashboard.

Both Smart Alerts and telecare alarm functionality will be delivered during the second half of 2020 and along with Carer Logging were not part of this evaluation.

Outcomes Users

The majority of the Users felt positively about the Memo service with the remaining 20% with neutral opinions.

Increasing Independence

I have been able to step back..and he now feels he has more control over his own life. He doesn’t fully understand how the system works but he certainly felt a change in behaviours of all of his relatives which he loves.

His independence and confidence has grown massively and he now wants to reduce his own care package for more independence.

Families, friends and informal carers

The benefits of positive reassurance and peace of mind, derived from user activity and alerts displayed within the Memo App, were widely reported with 83% recording an increase.

The over two thirds of family users (app subscribers) created alerts to provide regular reassurence and 40% also created alerts to flag worries, this later group fequently created alerts for both.

Two thirds reported it took under one minute to create a new rule. They all found the app easy to download and easy or very easy to use. The number of times the app was viewed settled down to an median of 3 times a day by the end of 6 weeks.


Users were reported as being more relaxed and reassured because their family members were more confident due to their new knowledge. There were also a few reports of less “checking” phone calls which can undermine confidence.

Feedback around the form of the Memo Hub and sensors was positive, including the equipment was well designed, looks nice and the sensors are small.

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