Social Care 40% of care plans were adjusted on the basis of new insight delivered by the Memo service.

Care plan size both increased and decreased. The common factor was an increase in quality due to the plan better fitting the clients needs. Costs avoided exceeded additional new costs for the adjusted care plans.

The final part of the report proposes how, based on this evicence, Next Generation Telecare can enable a new focus on prevention and expanding the circle of care to benefit all the stakeholders within a communitiy’s care ecosystem.


The urgent need to invest in preventative services and early interventions to delay and slow demand is being increasingly recognised across the care system but as the 2020 Annual ADASS Budget survey makes painfully clear pressures on funding, amplified by Covid in 2020, have never been greater making delivery ever more challenging.

Next Generation Telecare creates an opportunity to broaden the circle of care to engage families, friends, and communities and support early, proactive, and preventative interventions.

Next Generation Telecare sets out to:

•Provide improved outcomes to users through evidence based personalised care plans that better meet their needs. Encouraging greater independence that enables them to live at home for long as possible.

•Broaden the circle of care supporting people using the strengths of family and community. •To provide positive reassurance to carers/families, reduce stress and anxiety and create opportunities for early preventative and proactive interventions.

•Provide insight derived from data to support more effective assessment, care planning and review and through the preventative approach reduce or delay demand for social and health care.


As in the previous three years, moving towards prevention and early intervention and engaging people with their communities is one of the most important savings areas identified in 2019/20, enabling a reduction, or delay, in demand for long-term health and social care.

However, turning this rhetoric into reality is extremely challenging in the existing financial context - ADASS Budget Survey 2019

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