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Another popular horror franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street, went all shades of gay with its second outing, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, in 1985. Mark Patton plays Jesse Walsh, whose family moves into the house of the first film’s final girl Nancy Thompson. And it becomes pretty evident that Patton will be taking her place as this

Scream Queens

film’s scream queen, as Freddy Krueger tries to possess him; or as Jesse puts it, “He’s inside me, and he wants to take me again!” Not gay enough street cred for you? How about a scene where he and his frenemy Grady (Robert Rusler) settle a baseball call of, ahem, being out with a tussle that ends up with Jesse’s jock strap clad butt getting some screen time. Still not enough? There’s the high school coach (Marshall Bell) who finds Jesse

at a local “Queer S&M bar,” makes him run laps in the abandoned gym and then hit the showers. However, the coach gets tied up in the showers, with towels snapping at his ass until he is killed with Freddy’s trademarked razor claw.

The documentary Scream Queen, airing on Shudder, chronicles Patton step-

ping away from Hollywood after being told he’d never be able to play straight after his residency on Elm Street and his eventual embracing of the film. There are two slasher flicks that are purely gay based. First up is 2004’s Hell-

bent, which features a devil masked killer stalking a group of friends attending West Hollywood’s Halloween festival. It can be rented on Amazon Prime. And the 2013 French film, Stranger by the Lake, is a somewhat interesting anomaly, in that there is full frontal male nudity and some steamy man-on-man sex scenes at the nude beach/cruising area setting. Can you say awkward boner? I mean the man Michel (Christophe Paou) responsible for the murders is a total KILF – Killer I’d Like to F**k – and his intended victim Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps) ain’t nothing to sneeze at, as you will see by watching it on Shudder – do it now! Oh yeah, since it’s a foreign language film, you’ll have to read subtitles.

Stranger by the Lake

So, there is one more flick, albeit not a horror one, but it falls into the category of camp that I had never seen until a month ago. The 1964 thriller Lady in a Cage stars Olivia de Havilland as a woman trapped in her private home elevator – a fact she brings up several times, we get it girl – due to a power outage, as a young James Caan and his band of thugs ransack her home after her rumored-to-be-

30 | August 2020

Cut! Print! That’s a Wrap!

gay son moves out. You can catch it on Amazon Prime. And there you have it, a stroll down into the dark woods of remembrance, and hopefully this has given you a new pair of eyes in which to view these films or steered you in the direction of something new that will produce chills during these hot summer months.

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