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by leonard scott


Following her Netflix debut on The Comedy Lineup Part 1, Emmy

Award-nominated Saturday Night Live writer Sam Jay is back with her first hour-long Netflix original comedy special, 3 in the Morning. Filmed at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia, Jay delivers the witty, candid and raw brand of comedy that earned her recognition as a standout comic. Jay joined the SNL writing team in 2017, becoming the first Black lesbian writer in the show’s storied history. recently included Jay on their list of “11 LGBTQ stand-up comedians you should be watching.” Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning premieres globally on Netflix on Tuesday, August 4.

LIFE IS EASY Queer streaming network Revry pays homage to the cult classic

Freaky Friday with a new comedy series that uses the body-swap trope to highlight race, gender, sex and the true meaning of being “woke” in 2020. Created in New Zealand and featuring a multicultural cast, Life Is Easy is a smart, funny, sexy, wholesome and thought-provoking eight-episode satire series exploring the complexities of race, gender and sexuality in today’s society. Welcome to the world of Jamie-Li and Curtis, played by Chye-Ling Huang

and Cole Jenkins. Yin and Yang. Potato and gravy. BFF’s since childhood. Jamie-Li, a straight Chinese-Kiwi woman, and Curtis, a gay white man, have a friendship that defies race, gender and sex ... or so they think. After a night of wet and wild partying on their joint 25th birthdays, the

two Geminis wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies — reveal- ing a hot mess of unexplored issues that unravels the way they see others, one another and themselves. They thought they were “woke” — until they woke up in each other’s arms! “Being able to distribute globally on Revry is incredibly exciting for us.

Sometimes it’s hard for us millennials to envision greatness for ourselves outside of New Zealand, because we’re literally so far away from everything that is making waves,” producer Ruby Reihana-Wilson said. “It’s amazing to have our work debut on a platform that is specifically there to showcase and support queer and indigenous filmmakers.” “In a time of BLM, Life Is Easy poignantly explores what it means to literally

live in someone’s else’s shoes,” said Alia J. Daniels, Revry chief operating officer and co-founder. “It not only makes us laugh but makes us think — a potent combination in entertainment.”

12 | August 2020

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