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WILLIE NILE UNCOVERED (CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF MUSIC) Various Artists There is something passionate and strong about Willie Nile’s songwriting. His ability

to capture the nitty-gritty of life while also exposing a sensitive heart is his skill. He has been creating songs for 40 years, and it’s a just tribute to his talent from this wide array of singers who capture the power of his lyrics in their own individual way. The musical interpretations presented include songs found in genres such as rock, blues, folk and even reggae. To be honest, I did not know who Willie Nile was until this past April. Now along with Bono, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Townsend who admire his work, I feel appreciative of his talent and expression of thoughtful emotions uncovered by his songwriting. So beat the summer heat with a cool two-CD collection in this tribute to Willie Nile. Available August 21

I CAN FEEL YOU FORGETTING ME Neon Trees The neon lights are still blinking brightly for

Neon Trees. Tyler Glenn and his trio of music makers spark a glow of popism and a cool rock groove that continues to shine. With I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, the band’s fifth album, it’s a new blast that will have you turning on the air conditioner as you pump up and down on the pogo stick of sounds … meaning that it’s truly fun at numerous times. Yet there always has to be a moment to “Mess Me Up,” which tackles the future and hangs in the past. One of the lyrics on this one is “Between the empty sex and cigarettes … if you’re gonna mess me up, don’t do it slow.” It is truly a fact that Tyler Glenn is maturing as a vocalist and so is the band’s talent and lyrics. There is always something about Neon Trees that makes their talent true and a musical escapade to enjoy. “Go through something” with this new one titled I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. Neon Trees is still strikingly shining. Available Now

NICE ‘N’ EASY (2020 MIX) Frank Sinatra Well … a “ring-a-ding ding.” For the 60th

anniversary of his very fine album Nice ‘n’ Easy, Frank Sinatra

is a pure tonic of relaxed cool to cure the summertime blues. It’s a smooth ride from start to finish and considered one of his best recordings. With the beautiful arrangements by Nelson Riddle and the cascade of Sinatra’s style and stunning voice, the album is a sure bet and leaps ahead of the pack in both attitude and perfection. The CD 2020 mix is as crisp and refreshing as a vodka martini and packs a punch of fine and mellow with a zip of romantic swing. Just take it nice and easy and enjoy. Available Now

16 | August 2020

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